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[MyDaily employee Yang Jiwon reporter] On the Wednesday, Thursday drama “Cinderella Man”, Yoona plays the part of Seo Yoojin and has said she has never had real love before.

On the 28th, Yoona had an interview on the set of “Cinderella Man”. She said, “I’ve liked someone before, but I’ve never had that feeling of ‘Oh, this is love’ before”.

During the drama, Yoona’s character, the bold Seo Yoojin who is studying fashion design in France, is forced to work under Daesan. She and Daesan become a team and they sell clothing at East Gate market. She is acting quite a charming role.

Even with the 14-year age difference between Kwon Sangwoo and Yoona, Yoona said, “I don’t feel the age difference at all” and with laughter, she says, “On the set, he takes good care of me.”

This is Yoona’s first mini-series project. Her previous project was “You Are My Destiny”, where she played Saebyuk and worked hard and questions her concern of “This has been a part of my worries”. She honestly said, “I’m trying to completely change myself into Yoojin, and as I’m acting, I think ‘Oh~We’re kind of similar'”.

On the other hand, on May 3rd, Yoona will also be starring in the “MBC Sunday Sunday Night – Horror Film Factory”. It is a new corner where the SNSD members are planning to give a shot at acting.

She said, “Ever since we’ve been trainees, my members and I took acting classes before…so we have been slowly preparing” and “I don’t think I can do anything (for them). Everybody is so talented…I will also be making appearances in the ‘Horror Film Factory'”, she revealed.

On this day, Yoona was wearing eye-catching white sandals and her sweet atmosphere made her look even more neat and simple. Beside Yoona was Kwon Sangwoo, who said, “Around the 7th~8th episode, Yoona started to play with her hair more”. He explained his anticipation by saying, “I think Yoona will be changing her image soon.”

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