The group that makes anyone that thinks about them smile, SNSD. Sports Korea looked through the members’ bags. All the bags contained similar items.

Things like an mp3 player, to lighten the day and relieve the stress from their schedules were in the cheap gucci purses for sale. “Smile angel” Yuri was looking after her health by adding in a cute vitamin pill case, and “Cutie” Sunny’s bag was Best Knock Off Louis Vuitton Handbags that filled with pink items. Sooyoung had a diary that was old and worn out. Let’s look closer at their bags.

>Yuri = Clean and Simple “Smile Angel”

Yuri’s bag was surprisingly simple. It showed her clean personality. It showed how she likes things clean by only containing things that are of absolute necessity. The bag is a leather bag from “M” company and is black with a gold pattern.

“I got this bag last year and have been using it since. It is casual but it can match almost any outfit. The pouch, by “B” company and has small things like lip gloss and powder, was used for two years.” She said “Whenever I look at the character that is stuck on the bag, I laugh” and poked the little doll.

Yuri is currently re-reading a book called recommended by her mother so that she can become a wise woman. Items such as vitamins, which she takes everyday despite her busy schedule, and a notepad to write whatever she thinks of, brightened her bag.

Her “L” company’s hand and body lotion, contained within a cute light-purple case, is one of her favorite items. Her Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pens and Polaroid pictures that members took were also eye-catching. Even her toothbrush and toothpaste shows us how clean and organized she is.

>Sooyoung = Stylish “Witty Girl”

Sooyoung is deemed the most stylish amongst SNSD. She looks good in any clothing because of her tall and slim body. She looks even better with her “M” company black shoulder bag. It looks high class and is big enough to contain many items at once.

She feels nervous whenever she doesn’t have her “I” company’s MP3 player. Her small and cute pouch shows that even in picking small items, she is very careful in her decisions. It is from “B” company, the same as that of Yuri. Her diary, bought in Japan, has been used for three years. “If I like it, I use the item for a long time” she explained.

“L” company’s perfume and “Q” company’s chapstick, as well as “P” company’s hand sanitizer shows that she likes to keep things clean and smelling fresh. Ekuni Kaori’s took up a small section of her bag as well.

>Sunny = Materialistic “Cutie”

Sunny gets a lot of love from fans because of her aegyo. Her bag reflects this image of her. Her bag was filled with pink. “J” company’s bag had a pink ribbon as its decoration. Cute pink bear pouch has been used for 2 years after the purchase in Japan. Her hand mirror is also hot pink. The most interesting item was “B” company’s body cream.

She puts on the body cream everytime she feels that her skin feels dehydrated. This gift from a Japanese fan is her must-take whenever she leaves the house. A pair of glasses, used when she has no make up on, were next to the book .

>>Yuri’s bag
Black bag with gold pattern (M company), Character pouch (B company), Talmud (Book), Pink vitamin case, Hand and body lotion (L company), Diary (notepad), Mickey mouse pen, Polaroid pictures, Toothbrush, Toothpaste.

>>Sooyoung’s bag
Black shoulder bag (M company) BoA’s US album, MP3 player (I company), Pouch (B company), Twinkle Twinkle (Book), Diary (notepad), Perfume (L company), Hand sanitizer (P company), Chapstick (Q company).

>>Sunny’s bag
Bag with pink accessories (J company), Pink bear pouch, Dewey (book), MP3 player (I company), Pink mirror, Body cream (B company), Hand lotion (M company), Glasses, Lipstick (M company).

Translated by: [email protected]/forums