Tiffany-Yuri, MC special ‘News anchor-Reporter-PD never ending transformation’

[NewsEn’ Reporter Yoon Hyunjin]

SNSD’s Tiffany and Yuri caught the viewers attention with their peculiar way of presenting the music program.

On the 11th on MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’, Tiffany disguised as a reporter and as a producer, while Yuri was a news anchor and an assistant director, which made the viewers feel like they were watching a real news report.

Yuri, wearing black horn-rimmed glasses, and Tiffany, wearing a brown burberry coat, did a realistic impression as reporters. When introducing the next performances, their stances and ways of speaking were just like those of real news anchors and reporters.

Also Tiffany, acting as a PD, personally showed us the overall proceedings that happen in the broadcasting room. While Yuri, acting as an assistant director, coordinated the singers using a loud and strict voice.

Meanwhile, SNSD’s latest mini album, ‘Gee’ has already wrapped up all promotions and the members are coming out with their individual activities. Yoona’s challenging herself once again, acting with Kwon Sangwoo in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Cinderella Man’. Tiffany and Yuri, despite their busy schedules with recordings and performances, are giving their best in ‘Show! Music Core’, pouring an eccentric and lovely air into the music program.

It has been announced that Tiffany and Yuri will try out various roles for future, ‘Show! Music Core’ broadcasts.

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