Actor So Ji Sub and SNSD’s Taeyeon had been chosen as “the most desired artiste to go to the Seoul automobile exhibition show with”.

According to results revealed by car dealing website on the 1st, So Ji Sub and Taeyeon won 1st place with 442 and 200 votes respectively in a survey conducted amongst 2000 of its members. The question posed then in the survey was “Which artiste would you most like to go to the Seoul automobile exhibition show with?” Out of the male artistes polled, Lee Minho and Lee Cheonhee were placed 2nd and 3rd respectively while Kim Taehee and Son Dambi were placed after Taeyeon respectively for the female artistes polled.

Meanwhile, Song Jinah came out top with 525 votes for “the most desired racing car model” with Gu Jisung and Lee Kyuri ranked after her. The Seoul automobile exhibition show will be held from the 2nd to the 12th at the KINTEX Exhibition Centre.

Credits: Sina News

Translation: [email protected]

I swear that the Koreans conduct the most unique polls… but yay to our Taengoo lol.