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Dramas following a strict script are constantly showing live, but other entertainment shows are worried about having too much material?

MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ is worrying about having too much filmed material. The ‘WGM’ producers recently met with a journalist and said that, “we have continued to film a lot of pilot corners and have been delayed due to baseball games, so right now we have a lot of film that hasn’t been aired since ‘WGM’ films a lot each time.”

They stated right after that, “we still have almost a month’s worth of un-aired material. We’re worried that the viewers will feel disconnected with the weather since the couples are still in thick winter clothing. We’re also really frustrated about having to air the couples’ awkwardness of a month ago when in reality they have gotten a lot closer.”

The producers stated about the 3rd generation couples that, “when the 3rd generation couples first showed up the viewer ratings increased and the reactions were favorable, but due to external factors the rhythm of the show was broken and we’re disappointed to see them not being able to feed off of the original energy.”

The producers also said that, “around May, you can expect ‘WGM’s format to change. We will be using the 4 couples to test out a lot of new things. All 4 couples are very adept at entertainment and all get along so we’re looking forward to having a synergy effect with this new, changed format.”

credit: aseo @ soshified forums
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