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Korean girl pop duo Davichi, who first rose to fame with popular hit songs such as “I Love You Even Though I Hate You”, “Sad Promise” and “Love and War”, has recently released their mini album after almost a year. The mini album titled “Davichi in Wonderland” includes songs such as “8282” and “I Made an Accident”, and just like their song names, it seems almost accidental that the mini album has been gaining widespread popularity in 2009.

Davichi, who officially debuted in 2008 with the release of their first album “Amaranth”, has garnered lots of attention as an example of a successful female group with their striking appearances and powerful vocals. They then attracted the attention of many people as rising stars when they won various Best Newcomer awards last year.

Now let us enter into the hearts of this music loving duo to hear their stories.

What are the unique characteristics of your title song “8282” when compared with other songs circulating currently?

“8282” starts off with a ballad feel before transiting into a modern pop feel after the chorus. Listeners to this song at the start always find it somewhat strange, and thus reception to this song has been mixed. Indeed, when we first selected “8282” to be our title song, it led to bewilderment and consternation from our fans and listeners.

The reason for our selection was that compared to other ballads circulating currently, “8282” allows us to present wilder and stronger dances while expressing the greater contrast in our vocals. Although “8282” is the last song produced in this mini album, we felt pretty good after it was completed.

“I Love You Even Though I Hate You” VS “8282” Between ballad and dance songs, which do you prefer more?

No matter how you look at it, songs with a dance feel to them are more suitable for our promotional activities, but we hope that fans will not find them overly flashy. From our perspective, we prefer songs with a ballad feel like “I Love You Even Though I Hate You” as they allow us to better present our vocals to everyone.

We’re not pursuing a specific style for our music but rather we want to try and experiment with any musical styles, not limited only to ballads and dance songs, that would go well with the listeners.

How did you feel when you won 1st, beating SNSD who had been the undisputed champion for 8 consecutive weeks?

We were of course very happy and very thankful to our fans who were very supportive of our mini album.

What does 19 year old Kang Minkyung thinks of SNSD?

I’m of the same age as Yoona, older than Seohyun by a year, and younger than the rest of the SNSD members such as Tiffany and Taeyeon. To be honest, I admire and envy them for their girlish and youthful image. It’s common for people to feel that I’m older than I look when they see me as I do not have a baby face. I also tend to speak in a much more mature tone that doesn’t correspond with my age.

During broadcasts it’s very awkward for me to greet the younger-looking SNSD members as unnies. I think that SNSD is really pretty and I will like to be even closer to them since we’re all singers close to the same age.

Any expectations and plans for 2009?

We are expecting to release a full album this coming summer, and will continue to work hard to gain greater recognition and approval. Please take care of Davichi in 2009 and look forward to our upcoming activities.

And that was Davichi’s Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung, the two girls who had gotten closer due to their similar passions and aspire to become singers who are known for their vocals and not their singing styles.


Translation: DAVICHI_S2@davichi china and [email protected]