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1. Lately, how have your days been like? Sleep times, wake up times…

-Lately, as soon as I finish filming my drama, I go to So Nyuh Shi Dae schedules. And I practice dancing…^^
I sleep around 2 in the morning and if I have an early morning schedule I wake up at 6 TT..

2. What do you think about the most lately?

-Our current album..^^ Nervousness and anticipation.

3. What did you like the most from the student store?

-Chocolate milk^^~~ In the summer I had ice cream a lot. And when I was hungry I got bread, but still, chocolate milk^^

4. What was your favorite food from the cafeteria?

-The pork cutlet was good..^^ I think I enjoyed eating all of the foods.

5. Now that you’re graduating, what are you going to do with you uniform, PE uniform, and text books?

-I’m going to keep the uniform~ But towards the end I lost my PE uniform…

6. What was one of your favorite subjects in school?

-I liked Chinese. Literature was fun too^^

7. If you could add a new subject to the high school curriculum, what do you think would be good?

-Umm.. Something unique! Something not boring… I think watching a movie for 2 hours would be interesting.
So it would be a movie watching subject… with reports on the movies… Does that sound good??^^

8. All 9 members have different traits, are you the member that makes others laugh, or do you laugh for the other members?

-All 9 of us have similar tastes in humor, and we’re all humorous…
We give and take laughter a lot… It’s about fifty fifty.

20. If you had one thing to say to the hardworking you?

-Work harder than now and always have determination and confidence when you try things.

21. Has there been any male students from our school that approached you?

-No…^^ Honestly, I don’t know any male students

22. Have you ever had a crush? If so, for how long? Why did you not tell him~~?

-I don’t think I’ve ever really had a crush.

23. What is your motto, and why did you come up with that?

-Do things with confidence!!
Normally I don’t have much confidence and I’m a bit introverted, so I decided to have confidence in everying I do.

24. If you were to advertise your school Daeyoung High School, what would you bring up?

-All the students at Daeyoung High School are very nice and the facilities are really good.
Many of the classrooms are changing and crossing the bridge… the dance studio… the cafeteria is good. I think the facilities and environment is constantly improving.

25. A couple words to your friends and juniors at Daeyoung High School~

-The most important thing is your health. Take care of your body, and don’t become overly stressed about school work.
Searching out what you want to do, and whether you really want that, and finding opportunities to pursue that interest is very important as well.
If you let it slip by, it might be too late…
And I also heard a lot that the results are important, but the process is very important as well.
Even if the grade didn’t turn out that well, if you studied as hard as you could then that should be a 100 to you…

26. Any words to the teachers of Daeyoung High School?

-There are so many teacher that were troubled and annoyed by me…
But thank you for being so kind and understanding and helping me to graduate..!!

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source: somewhere in soompi