SNSD’s Tiffany followed up Han Seungyeon (Kara) as a supporter for Na.Sun (Nassun).

Tiffany featured in Na.Sun’s new song ‘Nor Ruh Wa’ (Come Play) during KBS live shooting of ‘Music Bank’ on the 13th.

‘Come Play’ has been a topic of discussion due to the featuring of Han Seungyeon. Han Seungyeon featured in Na.Sun’s performances starting from ‘M Countdown’ on the 5th as well as ‘Music Bank’ on 6th, ‘Show! Music Center’ on 7th and ‘Inkigayo’ on the 8th.

Tiffany, following up on Han Seungyeon started off with Na.Sun at ‘Music Bank’ on the 13th and will be featuring on ‘Show! Music Center’ and ‘Inkigayo’ on the 14th and 15th.
Tiffany was the center of attention during ‘Music Bank’ performance with her fresh and bright personality.

One of Na.Sun’s representatives stated, “It is great that girls from the best female groups like Han Seungyeon and Tiffany are helping out” and “Tiffany’s fun-loving and lively personality goes well with ‘Come Play’s concept and image”.

On the other hand, Na.Sun’s second minalbum ‘Na.Sun’s Happy Face’ includes songs by E-Tribe, Han Seungyeon (Kara) and Kim Kyungrok (V.O.S). Also, Kim Eunjung and Ha Jooyun (Jewerly S) and Sori featured in the MV making an impressive entrance to the music industry.

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