KBS2TV’s ‘Champagne’ variety show, hosted by Shin Dongyup and Shin Bongsun, featured SNSD on the night of the 14th and once again demonstrated the staggering ‘SNSD Effect’.

TNS viewership survey revealed that the ‘Champagne’ episode featuring SNSD received ratings of up to a record 14.1%, a 2.6% increase compared to the previous week’s episode of up to 11.5%.

SNSD brought much laughter to viewers tuning into ‘Champagne’ with their lively performances while portraying a humourous image throughout the show. They also revealed many shocking secrets which kept viewers glued to their screens, in particular Taeyeon’s attempt to run away during her trainee days and their confessions to their families.

Another viewership survey by ABG likewise attested to the power of the ‘SNSD Effect’, reporting that ‘Champagne’ with SNSD received a record 13.7% rating which was up 3.2% from the previous week’s 10.5%.

Credits: MK News Korea

Translation: hfyunhui@百度金泰妍吧 and [email protected]