SS501 Kim HyungJun and SNSD Sunny will work in harmony as MCs.

Kim HyungJun and Sunny has been selected as the MCs for music program â??The Mâ?? on satellite channel Sky, debut broadcast to be on 13-Feb.

â??The Mâ?? will feature 3 singers that created the most issues (hot topics) in that week in a section called â??Mega 3â??, singers who received great responses on various music charts to perform in â??HOT playâ??, introducing rookie â??Show Caseâ??, â??Music Styleâ??, and other sections.

In the section â??Music Styleâ??, you will get to see singers performance which is different from any others, and in the debut broadcast, you will be able to see MCs SS501 Kim HyungJun and SoNyeoShiDae Sunnyâ??s special music style. Many popular singers such as SNSD, SS501, Gavy NJ, Jewelry S, Kim KyungRok, After School, May Doni, etc will appear for the show, arousing a lot of attention.

The very first public performance held on board a ship, music program â??The Mâ?? will host beautiful night scene of Han River with singersâ?? special performances. This will give something different to the viewers and so please look forward to it.

credit: soompi