Wang Biho and SNSD, Once Again the Topic with his Venomous Gags

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Wang Biho faced SNSD, showering them with venomous gags.

Wang Biho (Yoon Hyeongbin), who appeared in KBS 2TV’s ‘Gag Concert – Balsam Village School’, called SNSD ‘Female Super Junior’ and pronounced SNSD’s song ‘GEE’ as ‘Gi’, creating a sudden and explosive laughter in the audience.

Next, after Wang Biho remarked “I am a SNSD fan, and have memorized all 9 members’ names,” he listed “Jessica, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yoona, Sohee, Sunye”. Sohee and Sunye are Wondergirls’ members.

He didn’t finish here. He told Yoona, ” You made a name for yourself through acting. Your ratings were really good, and you even received an acting award,” but after praising her with this comment he said, ” frankly, it’s better to be active solo, right?” throwing her into confusion.

He made Tiffany feel embarrassed with another remark, “Tiffany is extremely pretty, however she isn’t very bright”. The reason for this comment was a picture in which she made a mistake in the choreography. Everybody had their right hand raised but Tiffany was the only one dancing with her left hand. After revealing the evidence the audience burst into laughter.

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Edit: Guys, don’t take this seriously, his Wang Biho character is just making fun of celebrities, and as Soy pointed out, the girls enjoyed the show. It’s my favorite skit in ‘Gag Concert’ btw~