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SNSD and Kara performed in a dance battle full of merit together.

SNSD and Kara made this surprise performance on the 25th on MBC’s “Star Dance Battle”.

SNSD showed off for the first time their powerful sexy side which they had been hiding all this time. They made a 180 degree turn from their once cute and fresh style to a surprisingly charismatic, powerful, and sexy style.

On the other hand Kara performed Lee Jung Hyun’s “Give Me” in pink wigs and in doll outfits. The male fans who were staring at Kara’s upgraded style were also shown.

On this broadcast Lee Hwijae’s 2PM Wonder Whoops team representing Big Bang, Jewelery, VOS, Lee Yoonsuk, Junjin, SS501, and others, fought against Shin Junghwan’s Shinnago team representing Big Bang, SNSD, Super Junior, and others.


Song Yoonsae [email protected]