Girlsâ?? Generation has appeared on male site (For a feeling of what the site is like, just look at their tag line: â??Buy.Collect.Obsess – The original buyerâ??s guide for men.â? Ugh). Titled â??Meet Koreaâ??s 9-Girl Pop Supergroup,â? the article includes an introduction to their hit song â??Gee,â? and calls it â??stupidly, stupidly addictive.â?

It goes on to say, â??Though SNSD may appear to consist of faceless Korean fembots, there really are nine distinct people in the group,â? and proceeds to give individual photos and profile descriptions on each member.

Meanwhile, Girlsâ?? Generation has won #1 for â??Geeâ? in January 16thâ??s KBS â??Music Bank,â? January 18thâ??s SBS â??Popular Song,â? and January 23rdâ??s â??Music Bank.â? They have even ranked #1 for two weeks in a row on â??Music Bank,â? where they havenâ??t even performed yet.

The â??Geeâ? syndrome has definitely been spreading through the music itself but also ringtones, the â??Geeâ? dance, the lively choreography, the vintage fashion of their T-shirts, and it looks like this fever will keep catching on for now.

Source: Newsen + Complex
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