[13.01.09] SNSD wants _____ to listen to their mini album

SNSD has returned. Nine member girl group SNSD has released their 2nd album Gee on the 7th. It is a mini album with five tracks on it, released nine months after their first album. They have gathered immense interest and anticipation, after their first album sold over 100,000 copies, confirming their status as a symbol of excellence in the music industry. Less than a day after its release, the title track Gee hit number one on all the online music charts. On the morning of the 9th, I met with the girls at their Kangnam SM Entertainment office, and although their faces may look young, their maturity showed during the interview, with Tiffany saying “We’re so thankful that people like it and so we’re even more careful and anxious” and Sooyoung added “We poured ourselves out for these five tracks on the album.”

I asked them who they would want to listen to their mini album.

Yuri: “To oppas and unnies tired and exhausted from work”

Gee is a bright and cheerful song. Today’s market is not good and there are many people having hardships. The people going to work have alot of stress. I hope that this song can give them energy and strength

Sunny: “To my sister, who is going to be a mother soon”

I am soon going to be an aunt. My sister, who is 15 years older than me, is going to give birth soon. My unnie still seems like a girl. I guess all women are like that. We may call them grandmother or ajumma (middle-aged lady), but in their hearts, they’re all girls. As you listen to Gee, I think everyone becomes a girl in that moment.

Jessica: “To my friends studying abroad that are lonely”

Most of my friends are all abroad studying. It’s very lonely and difficult for them to be living apart from their parents at such a young age. There is a part in our second track called “Him Nae!” that says “Have strength! You’ve already come this far! This is nothing at all”. I want to send that song to all my friends.

Yoona: “To the college students that will be entering their first year with me”

I recently got accepted to Dongook University, and I’m excited and nervous. I guess all college freshmen feel like this? Our second album has alot of tracks dealing with starting a new love, but I think that feeling could also be similar to how it feels to start college as well.

Seohyun: “To old couples wanting to find that feeling again”

They say that old couples lose their feelings after a long time. But, I believe that they always are wanting to have that excitement and nervousness. Even as you grow older, I don’t think you ever want to lose something that precious. I want to give those couples our song as their background music.

Hyoyeon: “I want to give it to overseas singers Chris Brown and Beyonce”

I just suddenly thought of those two singers. Maybe its because they’re my favorite singers. Although they won’t understand anything, I would be happy if they just thought to themselves “Oh there’s really cute singers in Korea.” If it comes out that they’ve heard our songs, I guess alot of attention would be gathered to us as well. Was that too selfish of me? hehe..

Sooyoung: “To my mother who is always believing in me and watching over me”

As we were recording our third track “Dear Mom”, all of the members cried so much. Every single one of the lyrics is our story. I think of this one line that says “Without a word, you watched over me from afar”. I love you, mom.

Taeyeon: “To people starting out on a new path”

As we were preparing for our album, all the members shared alot of stories with each other. I remember we said to each other “Let’s not forget this heart as we start anew”. There’s probably alot of people that are preparing to do something new in this new year. We send you this song so we can all start strongly together.

Tiffany: “I… just want to listen to it together with everyone”

A song becomes a song from the moment someone listens to it. Depending on your circumstance, the songs may have different meanings for you. Just as how us nine brought our voices together and made it, I want everyone who has love in their hearts to come together and listen to it with us. That is when our music truly begins.

credits to Donga and [email protected]/forums