[05.01.09] Kim Yuna likes SM Ent?

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The “Figure Skating Princess” has stirred attention by setting her mini homepage background music as SNSD’s new song, “Gee”.

Kim Yuna chose the title song “Gee” from SNSD’s first mini albums which was released online on Jan. 5th addition to SuJu and DBSK’s 4th album songs as her background music on her homepage. All of the songs that were chosen by Kim Yeona belong to SM Entertainment.

It was not the first time that a sport star has caused attention by mentioning celebrities. Nation’s favourite swimmer, Park Taehwan has admitted that he “likes Wonder Girls more than Girls’ Generation” on the KBS new year special that was aired on Jan. 2nd.

Kim Yuna’s love of “Gee” has resulted in 141714 hits on her webpage as of 5:30PM, Jan. 5th.

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translations by jstn @ soshified.com/forums