SNSD January 7th Official Comeback

Group SNSD will finally be making their comeback.

SNSD will release their mini album “Gee” next year on January 7th and start their new album promotional activities. It’s a return after an 8 month hiatus after concluding their first album activities in April.

On the 29th, SNSD’s company SM Entertainment released a statement saying “You will be able to feel a whole upgraded charm to SNSD with this new album” adding “Fan’s eyes and ears will rejoice after seeing the bright and cute charms that only SNSD can have.”

Anticipating their comeback, SNSD put up teaser posters of each of the members on popular spots around Seoul at Jongro, Myungdong and Kangnam, piquing the curiosity of the fans.

Many eyes are upon SNSD in this new year in the music industry, as they are the only girl group in the last six years to sell over 100,000 copies of their last album.

SNSD with their new comeback have said “We’re so happy to be able to meet you all with new music and new dances” and “Please look forward to us and support us since we’ve worked really hard to show you a good side to us.”

credits to NewsEN and [email protected]/forums