Tae Yeon, â??Can You Hear Meâ?¦â?? First Performance

Girlâ??s Generation member Tae Yeon begins promotion of her special song, â??Can You Hear Me.â??

The topic of conversation on the broadcast of MBC radio program Kang In, Tae Yeonâ??s Best Friend on the 22nd is the song â??Can You Hear Meâ?? from the MBC drama, Beethoven Virus. Tae Yeon will begin promotion of the song by performing it during the broadcast.

Tae Yeonâ??s representative stated, â??This is the first broadcast of Tae Yeon singing â??Can You Hear Meâ?¦â?? that will be open to the public,â? adding that â??Tae Yeon is ready as ever for the first broadcast to the public.â?

Meanwhile, the song has been gaining popularity because of frequent plays on the drama. The song is fighting alongside Big Bang and Brown Eyed Girls for the number one spot on music charts.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com