Kangta – My Army Base Went Crazy for SNSD

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Kangta gathered laughter and attention when he revealed the opposite reactions he got from his army base when SNSD and DBSK came to visit.

For the press conference held on the 24th at the Kyungkido Sungnam Army General Administration School for the 60th anniversary musical MINE, Kangta shared how hoobaes from his company SNSD and DBSK came to visit him at his army base.

Kangta said “When SNSD came to the base, the whole place went crazy but DBSK left kind of disappointed.” Continuing, he said “DBSK heard the reactions that SNSD got when they visited so they were anxious and excited when they came to visit, but it seemed like they didn’t realize what kind of a place the army really is. For male celebrities, of course the response is going to be different and they left disappointed.”

Kangta plays the role of a son embroiled in a conflict with his father in the musical MINE, showcasing his acting skills.

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