Super Junior M At SM Live Shanghai, Lee Dong Hae Favors SNSD

The next stop for SM Live Tour will be in Shanghai, China on September 13. While the previous SM Live concerts did not feature any performances this one will featured SJM peforming 3 songs. This will be their first time performing Me, which will be the new MV to be released.

Along with Me they will be performing U and Love Song (Ai Ni Ai Ni). Since Super Juniorâ??s original Me Live Debut performance has been canceled SM has decided to pushed the performance earlier instead of postponing.

Super Junior Mâ??s performance will be the 28th – 30th song line up of the night.

In Other news, Super Junior Mâ??s recent radio show guest spot as been broadcast in China. The show revealed the membersâ?? personalities and habits. As the show continues, the SJM members named their Chinese and Korean Idols. Lee DongHae received the most attention when he named SNSD (Girlsâ?? Generation) as his favorite Idol Group instead of Boa Kwon. who was favored by all the other members.

After all the negative press SNSD has received, Lee Dong Haeâ??s respond stirred curiosity from both Chinese ELF and Flawless.

credits: Baidu
090808 SJM X STAR Y FILE Radio Interview 音乐之声.X明星Y档案SJ-M专访音频
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