Yuri – “My ideal guy? Someone who can change a flat tire”

SNSD member Yuri revealed her unique choice of an ideal guy.

On the upcoming SBS Chusuk entertainment program “Love Generation” (MCs: Lee Hwijae, Kang Sungyeon) that will air on the 15th, Yuri picked her ideal man as “someone who can adeptly change a tire”.

On this new “Love Generation” broadcast, all of the celebrity guests on the show guessed that the ideal man for Yuri, whose pure image flutters the hearts of many male fans, would be a pretty boy or a prince. But Yuri’s answer was a bit out of the ordinary.

Yuri gathered the attention of the entire studio when she revealed that her ideal guy would be one who could “proficiently change a flat tire that busts while we’re driving on an old country road.” Moreover, another quality of Yuri’s ideal guy was that “when he’s changing the tire, there’s a little bit of his muscular arms showing”, garnering laughter from everyone.

On this broadcast, Yuri was taught how to do the “back hug” that is important in a relationship by singer Lee Minwoo. She said “I want to try a beautiful relationship now” and showed her strong feelings toward relationships and love that gathered attention from all those in the studio.

This broadcast will be shown on the 15th at 8:30PM.

credits to NewsEn and boxclub @ www.soshified.com/forums