[23.0808] MNet Choice “Sweet Music” Prize Goes to SNSD
Shares Stage with Kim Gunmo

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SNSD’s “Kissing You” won the 2008 MNet 20’s Choice prize for “Sweet Music” that took place on August 23rd from 5-10PM at the Seoul Jangchoong Gymnasium.

Kim Gunmo gathered interest as the presenter for the award. With his sweet voice, Kim Gunmo sang “sweet 20” as the award winners took the stage. Award winners SNSD came on stage and together with Kim Gunmo’s piano accompaniment, sang his song “I Love You”. On this day, SNSD member Yoona was absent.

As he was singing with SNSD, Kim Gunmo seemed smitten with SNSD’s cuteness and at one point, even forgot the lyrics to his own song. Kim Gunmo also directly presented SNSD with their trophy and even joked with them, bringing laughter to the stage.

SNSD’s Taeyeon said as she was accepting the award that “It was an even greater glory that Kim Gunmo sunbaenim presented us with this award”, and after thanking him, added “We thank all of the many fans that love us and we will work to become an even more loveable SNSD”, expressing her happiness and joy.

The Sweet Music award nominees included Alex’s “If It were You”, Shinee’s “Noona you are so pretty”, Davichi’s “Love and War”, and V.O.S’s “Day by Day”, with SNSD’s “Kissing You” ultimately takin the prize.

With Jang Geunsuk as the host, the 2008 MNet 20’s Choice showcased the hot trendsetting and hot icons of this generation. Branching out from the usual, the show has its unique blue carpet and exceptional performanes, aimed at focusing attention on today’s hot trends.

There were many famous faces that showed up to celebrate on this day. Lee Hyolee, Uhm Junghwa, Seo Inyoung, JunJin, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, Kim Minhee, Han Hyojoo, Lee Bumsoo, Park Yongha, songwriter Kwee Yuhnee, basketball player Kim Joosung, pro-gamer Seo Jisoo, designer Andre Kim all attended the starstudded event.

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youtube link to their special performance