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Summer Night Fever’ Girls’ Generation Attends Party as the Main Celebrity Guest

On August 7th at ChungDamDong at Club Answer, a girls and boys party called ‘Summer Night Fever’ was held.

Hosted by Elle Girls for their media partner’s soon to broadcast show ‘Factory Girls’ the ‘Summer Night Fever’ party was held. On that day Girls’ Generation, who has been experiencing the lives of editors, attended the party as the main celebrities.

At 8PM when the party began Girls’ Generation, Alex, Kim Dongwan, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung, Jun Hyebun, Oh Jihoo, Song Jyungah and other celebrities and trend setters entered the strip club one after another.

Mainly, Girls’ Generation personally held a notebook to collect data and chose the Best Dresser as they participated in their role as editors. And they even prepared events where they made beverages and put make up on for the clubbers as well.

And around the stage, booths for brands such as Conflict Tendency, Steala, MeJangSaen, Barbiless and Princess Tiara were prepared. At the Steala booth, make up artists fixed the make up of clubbers and hair styling was served at the Barbiless and MeJangSaen booths. While at the Heart, cute heart tattoos were given out as gifts; within every booth abundant gifts were prepared for the clubbers. You can also book your next party at this club by visiting

At the stage of the club, no one knew if the heat of the club will decrease because of the clubbers who left their body to the music. The party ripened up with Best Dresser and Best Couple awards and was continued with a dance battle with Girls’ Generation.

At 11 PM by the performance by House Rules, the atmosphere of the party was climaxed to its best. And like a group, they poured out explosive energy and obtained great responses from the clubbers. Special guests, Guru and HweHwang, showed off their DJing skills and received much love from the party girls by completely seizing the atmosphere of the dance floor.

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credits: Reporter Kim Yaenah at Newsen
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