SNSD Yoona Reveals her Father and Sister

First the first time in a tv broadcast, SNSD girl group member Yoona reveals her father and her sister.

On the KBS 2TV show “Nam Heesuk and Choi Eunkyung’s Free Time” that will be broadcasted on the 6th, for the first since she debuted, Yoona showed her father and her beautiful sister all gathered together for a meal.

Yoona is currently playing the main role as Jang Saebyuk on KBs 1TV’s “You Are My Destiny”, which is consistently achieving high success with 30% viewer ratings and has amassed great popularity after crossing over to acting. Yoona has been receiving favorable reviews for her cuteness in her role as well as for her emotional tearful acting that has been garnering alot of talk and interest.

However, on this day, Yoona confessed “Saebyuk is alot different than me. I was never an affectionate daughter so I’ve always felt sorry to my father” and “Especially since I live in an apartment with the other members now, I’m always thinking of my family life.”

Yoona father who came on a tv broadcast for the first time revealed new things about Yoona’s childhood, saying “Yoona was always incredibly shy when she was a child so I never even imagined that she could become a celebrity” and “Even now when I see my daughter on tv, I get nervous and shy and I can’t watch it that well”, expressing his deep heart for his daughter.

Through the “Nam Heesuk and Choi Eunkyung’s Free Time” show, Yoona showed not just her actress and singer celebrity life, but also her life as a normal 19 year old girl.

The “Nam Heesuk and Choi Eunkyung’s Free Time” show said “We followed Yoona for about a month” and “We will show many sides of Yoona from her turning down sleep many times due to the burden of her holding a main lead, to her always working on her script regardless of where she is, to her saying she can not give up on acting, even after being scolded by the middle-aged actress Sa Mija. We will show all of Yoona’s aspirations for acting.”

Yoona, who has said that she wants to catch two rabbits of acting and singing, will be with SNSD when they announce their album in September.

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