SNSD 10 Month Since Debut
“Very Happy, Thank You Everyone”

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What SNSD thinks about their 10 month since debut

On the 11th, SNSD spoke to “all the people that like SNSD.”SNSD first wrote “Hello everyone, we are SNSD. It seems it is the first time we have written on our homepage, we should have written something earlier.”

Later they thanked, “It’s been 10 months since our debut, we have received much love thus we were able to have success at our events. We think it is because of everyone who loves SNSD that we received so much love from everyone.”

“We have made so many memories. We waited for such a long time to debut on stage, our relief after the first performance, holding our first signing event… receiving first place award and crying in each other’s arms, the long practice hours where we hoped to follow our seniors’ steps and win the rookie award, coming back with kissing you and receiving much love, our busy times were also our happiest times.”

They also honestly said what was in their hearts, “By not resting for 10 months left us with important memories, but there were also times were we felt disappointment which makes our heart sad…” “Those disappointed times made us more mature and we were able to learn more. We gave inappropriate speech and actions, such as not using the proper way to speak to others on programs. We have been hurt because of this thus we apologize. Everyone will see a SNSD that watches their mouths and actions in the future.”

SNSD lastly wanted to say, “We want to say thank you to the fans that no matter at what time, holds our pink balloons.” “We are now working hard to give everyone a new SNSD, please wait for that time.”

original korean text: snsd homepage
chinese translation: snsdchina
english translation: exotsia. @ soshified