Yoona- the Singer And the Actress

Yoona is currently having her busiest schedule ever since she debuted. This is because along with the homerun hit songs “Into the New World,” “Girls’ Generation,” and “Kissing You”, she is also currently the main lead in the KBS 1TV daily drama “You Are My Destiny”

After a role in the MBC drama “9 Ends Two Outs” and a cameo on “Park Jung Geum”, she has taken the lead female role in “You Are My Destiny”, a role that is different from all others she’s done.

Especially since its predecessor “Miuna Gouna” had a high viewer rating of 40%, Yoona is currently getting only 3 hours of sleep a night as she pursues her passion for acting.

Yoona’s role as Jang Saebyuk requires her to act as a girl who regained her eye sight after a cornea transplant surgery.

“At first, it was difficult for me to understand the character of Saebyuk because she had undergone eye transplant surgery. However as I continue acting, I realized that her honest and open self, quick to tears and also to laughter, as well as her young personality matches with mine.”

In order to understand Saebyuk’s difficulties, Yoona deliberately practicing moving around at her apartment with her eyes shielded. And then to experience the emotions of suddenly regaining her sight, Yoona also practiced with one eye shielded and the other open in order to see how it must feel as Saebyuk.

Among the SNSD members, Yoona unusually has alot of female fans. Her first presents as a trainee and her first preents after debuting were all from unnie fans.

“I think I unusually have alot of unnie fans. When I heard that I have been gaining some uncle fans, I was surprised and said “Really??” (laughs)”

Recently, Yoona’s anti-fans have decreased. Although she cannot remember all of their faces, she has learned to recognize the fans who come to support her at the broadcast studio and thinks of them as kind unnie friends, grateful for their presence.

“I thank them for always welcoming and supporting us (SNSD) wherever we go. I can’t memorize all of their names, but I’m working hard to remember their faces and nicknames.”

In order to repay the fans for their efforts, Yoona says she will work hard to get to know them. She explains it as being not a large goal but a small goal, that can be attained through small steps, one at a time, that will one day have deep meaning for her.

“Right now, my goal is “You Are My Destiny” and SNSD. Through these small goals, I want to some day become a star in Asia.”

Credits to NoCutNews and boxclub @ www.soshified.com/forums