Fresh as ripe grapes. Like a protagonist in one of those shojo mangas. YoonA left behind her cute role as a member of SNSD for a while to become a protagonist in TV series 너는 내 운명. Her stint has been successful so far. After the premiere episode, more compliments and encouragement keep coming in to the official website. I met her on the 15th. She seemed in a relaxed, confident mood. But less so, as she describes her worries over her acting.

“I feel like I still have many weaknesses, I keep thinking “I should do my best”. It’s strange to see my acting. Since this is the first time I act in a drama, cameras move differently from what I used to. (^^) Things will get better as time goes by.”

#SNSD and acting

YoonA spent two years before SNSD debut as a trainee, receiving acting training. That resulted in positive reviews from her cameo appearance in 천하일색 박정금 last April.

“I get much encouragement from the fans. Singing involves (SNSD) members but acting, I have to find my way. I am encouraged by your messages of support. It even makes me wondering. I will present myself as more natural, more better me in the drama. I hope you see my acting develop”

SNSD members has been supportive of YoonA. YoonA said each member knows what other members are saying with eye contact. SooYoung, who shares a room with YoonA, helps her with her acting. YoonA and SooYoung, who learned to act together as a trainee, have clicked well together. SooYoung often gives YoonA advice on acting. Members have become family. They once planned to visit YoonA’s workplace to show her their support, but postponed it not to disturb her in any way.

#YoonA behind the scenes vs. YoonA on TV

SNSD works as a 8-member-group since YoonA’s appearance on 너는 내 운명. It makes YoonA sad to read comments like “When does YoonA come back to join SNSD?” “Never seen YoonA for ages”

“When I’m singing, I miss acting, but when I am acting, I miss singing. But I wouldn’t want to neglect either of them. Both have their own charms; I am glad to hear the cheers of the crowd while I’m singing, and I am also glad to live as a different person in a drama.”

YoonA widened her fan base to 30-50 older women fans after 너는 내 운명.

“I can feel it when I go to a restaurant. Middle-aged women (아주머니) would tell me, “You must be the Saebyeok agassi in 너는 내 운명”

Until SNSD’s album activity begins she would be living as Saebyeok.

#너는 내 운명 YoonA vs. 춘자네 경사났네 Kibum

MBC’s brand-new series 춘자네 경사났네, which starts 19th, will be competing against 너는 내 운명. The competition within one management company. Kibum from Super Junior will be appearing in 춘자네 경사났네.

“I hope both of us do well. I would like us “win-win” rather than compete against each other. Kibum was my acting partner as a trainee. Kibum wants to do acting just like me, so I hope he gets good reviews.”

#High School YoonA vs. Entertainer YoonA

18-year-old YoonA. 3rd grade in High school. Her friends her age are not so free to play in the playground, and yet for YoonA they’re the ones whom she envy.

“My friends are in the 3rd grade, it would be wrong to say I work harder than them. They are as hard-working as I am. I work, they study; both are hard mentally and physically.”

What makes her emotional are things that are small, yet cherishable. “I want to ride a bus to go home in a sunny day,” she said.

YoonA who acts a cheerful Saebyeok in 너는 내 운명, would want her next role to be something different: “I want to act someone who’s quiet in a tragic tale,” she said shyly.

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