SNSD’s Yoona’s acting skills have grabbed the attention of the viewers.
On the 5th, Yoona showed her chemistry with veteran actor Bae Jongwook on MBC’s Park Junggeum.
Yoona played a girl who was kicked out of her house and upon getting in a fight with another homeless person, was taken to the police station, where Yoona revealed a crying scene.
That broadcast gathered the attention of many viewers who said that “Yoona’s crying scene was the best” and that her acting exceeded their expectations.
Bae Jungwook who shared scenes with her said that her “concentration and emotions are not just average” and complimented her.
In the midst of recognition for her acting, Yoona was able to receive the lead role in the KBS daily drama “You are my Destiny.”
An orphan, Yoona’s character “Saebyuk Chang” grows up to be bright and cheerful.
Saebyuk Chang was born as an orphan and in a sudden accident, lost her vision. However, she received a donor from a girl her age and started a new life as a bright designer.
Receiving her first lead in a drama, Yoona said “I’ve always wanted to play a character who’s strong and persevered through alot and I’m so happy that I can act with such a great role. I will work hard to show an impressive acting side of me.”

credits to: todaykorea and boxclub @ soshified

>> Note: Saebyuk translates into Dawn, so Yoona’s character’s name could also be called “Dawn Chang”