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At 7pm on the afternoon of the 28th, the first recording of MNet ‘Moon Hee Jun’s Music Rebellion’ took place
at Seoul Dong-dae-moon Doosan tower.

For its first recording, Jewelry (Park Jung Ah, Suh In Young, Ha Joo Yeon, Kim Eun Jung) and SNSD (Yuri,
Taeyeon, Sooyoung) appeared on the show as guests.

On the show, Moon Hee Jun will be judging the new artists’ stage performance and be leading them on ways
to become better.

MNet ‘Moon Hee Jun’s Music Rebellion’ will have its first TV broadcast at 7pm on April 2nd.

————– credits: NewsEn & ak6c @ soshified (translations)
————– please credit if taken out