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Highly capable entertainer Jo Jung-Rin is leaving MBC FM4Uâ??s â??Close Friends.â??

Jo Jung-Rin, who first grabbed the microphone as a DJ in April of 2004, decided to finish the Spring season and step down from the position she has held for the past four years.

One official at MBC radio said: â??For a variety of reasons the withdrawal of Jo Jung-Rinâ??s position has been decided. SNSDâ??s Taeyeon is in the strongest position to become the replacement.â?

*note: there was a little more to the article, but it talked about things irrelevant to SNSD (and was also generally insignificant), so I left it out.

credits: my daily via & sleep deprivation @ soshified

EDIT* Taeyeon has been confirmed as the new DJ and will have her first broadcast on April 8th.