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The hidden talent of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has become a hot topic.

On the 14th, Taeyeon performed on KBS Music Bank with JOO, singing her solo track “If”. “If” is the hit song from the KBS drama “Hongildong”.

Taeyeon surprised all who came to the show with her vocal strength. Many had judged her based on her being in an “idol” group, but they did not realize that so much talent could be found in such a group. Moreover, she showed a different image than the cute one she shows with Girls’ Generation, choosing instead to reveal a more mature and calm atmosphere while singing her ballad song.

Many arguments have been raised, comparing the strengths of Taeyeon to her performance counterpart JOO.

On one hand, after Taeyeon’s performance, it caused an uproar on the internet, with many videos being uploaded on websites and UCC message boards, and the phrase “Music Bank Taeyeon” becoming the most searched phrase on search engines.

All in all, through her performance, Taeyeon’s talent has been shown to all, and it remains a hot topic on among many today.

credits: dailyseop & boxclub@soshified