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^ Tiffany dressed as a pirate for her Collect-Call CF ^

Female group SNSD’s member Tiffany has been chosen as the new CF model for Mobile Communication
SKTelink ‘1682 Collect-Call’.

A participant of 1682 Collect-Call commented, “With their fresh and lively charm, SNSD is one of the most
popular group these days. Because Tiffany has been receiving the most popularity from the Army
Soldiers, she has been casted for the model for this CF.”

On March 6th in a studio at Seoul Nonhyundong, Tiffany attracted the attention of many by changing from
a cute, lively girl to a beautiful woman through a diverse concept that involved dressing up as a soldier,
cheerleader, pirate, ballerina, sleepyhead, and many more.

Tiffany commented, “Although I was nervous because this is my first solo CF, I had a lot of fun because I
was able to present many different images of myself” and “I hope the CF gets a positive response back
from the army soldiers and teenagers.”

Meanwhile, on 1682 Collect-Call’s Cyworld Minihomepage (, the viewers
will be able to look at pictures taken during the shoot. 1682 Collect-Call is also planning to hold an auction
event where they will auction off the costumes Tiffany wore and the props Tiffany used and donate the
raised money to the needy and the less fortunate.

———– credits: E-Daily & ak6c @ soshified (translations)
———– please credit if taken out

Congrats to Tiffany. I really hope each of the members get a chance to do a solo CF someday.
Not so sure if the photos from the shoot are up yet at Cyworld. lol I wonder how much Tiffany’s costumes
and props will sell for if they do decide to do an auction.