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The 9 member girl group Girlâ??s Generation on the afternoon of 13th, gathered at a club at Chongdam Dong, Seoul, for their Star Pictorial announcement.

Debut with “Into the New World”, SoNyuhShiDae came to another popularity peak with their song “Kissing You” came to the club at Seoul Gangnam Gu Chongdam Dong at 3.30pm on the 13th. They unveil their 1st Star Pictorial photographs, which has a cute concept to the public.

SoNyuhShiDae’s leader Taeyeon said: “It is a debut attempt at this, and there are much expectations for it, but it is very interesting and shows our natural sides. Please give the pictorial much love and concern.”

SoNyuhShiDae’s ‘After School 5:00m’ Star Pictorial will be the 1st release in the “Thump Thump Date”, and on the 27th, the 2nd release “Popular School Girls”, and on the 10th of next month will be the release of the 3rd “Come to Our House”.

On the 13th afternoon, at music program Mnet ‘Countdown’, they will perform Baby Baby from their 1st album’s repackage until April. This will be the main priority before they complete the 1st album activity and goes back to their individual activity.

Credits: MD + Wenting @ Soshified
The video of the press conference is up for downloads here:…?showtopic=2148