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There’s only SNSD in Star Golden Bell?
KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell’ is being criticized for being a program that promotes stars.

On the March 1st broadcast of Star Golden Bell, some of the guests included SNSD’s Taeyeon, Sooyoung,
Tiffany, Shoo (SES), Suh Dan Bi, and Solbi. SNSD performed Sunha’s ‘Madwoman Dance’ along with SES’
‘Fairy Dance’ and attracted the attention of the guests with their peculiar, fragrant and fresh charm.

However, there were a lot of criticism from the viewers on Star Golden Bell’s online board with comments
such as, “It felt like a SNSD special,” “Setup was too much,” “MC’s have lost the focus of the program,”
and that “the program was focused on SNSD too much.”

Star Golden Bell’s two MC’s Kim Jae Dong and Ji Suk Jin are mean. They mistreat Solbi, who’s one of the
regulars, and occasionally makes fun of Kim Shin Young’s appearance. Of course it’s all an act and a
setup. Them fighting and arguing adds entertainment to the show.

Also, the two MCs that are labeled as passionate Uncle Fans who praises Tiffany’s eye smiles too much.
SNSD does grab the heart of many Uncle Fans with their ageyo and cute dances routines. However, the
viewers commented that their interest in SNSD, who have been appearing as a guest once a month, was
too much and thinks that the producers are a big fan of SNSD.

SNSD fans also commented that “Instead of asking (SNSD) to do the same thing all the time whenever
they come out, they should show something new they haven’t showed yet” and showed a little

Meanwhile, Star Golden Bell’s program rating was 12% this week and dropped 1.9% compared to last week.

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Actually on the Korean article, it said Jessica‘s Eye Smile… rather than Tiffany‘s Eye Smile.
I made that correction to avoid confusion. But the reporter should get his/her facts straight =_=) Sounds
like an Anti to me.