College freshmen meet a ranking 1 star, SoNyeoShiDae.
[SportsWorld] February 18th, 2008 03:00PM

Group ‘SoNyeoShiDae’ , is the group that most of College freshmen wants to meet.

After success with (kissing you), break from their brisk activity, SoNyeoShiDae were invited to freshmen’s orientation, it was interesting and full of joyful scream.

SoNyeoShiDae, which already visited the orientation in The faculty of foreign studies Korea National University and get an explosive responds, for the upcoming 22th February Korea National University will begin by the end of the month, about 15 universities are going to participate in the events planned to celebrate the entrance of a college freshmen.

SoNyeoShiDae clarify: “Thanks for inviting us to celebrate a new meaningful start” and “In the future, SoNyeoShiDae will put more efforts”.

Credits: SportWorld reportes, Hwang InSeong
Photo: SM Entertainment
Translations: ferdianap@soshified
Source: Yahoo!Korea