Girls’ Generation¡ªYoonA, “Talk Queen” bespoke, wont the match with S.E.S–Shoo

Girls’ Generation¡ªYoonA showed her wise speech craft in KBS 2TV’s show “Unstoppable Talk Box” which was on air on 8th.
“ShiSeWon show” which used to be popular in 1990s has a very popular corner “Talk Box”. On that day’s show, all the Talk members came out and during the recording YoonA introduced her grandmother’s funny dialect episode.
Once when YoonA was a trainee of S.M. Ent., she phoned her family. On the phone, her grandmother said “That’s all.” But YoonA heard and thought it was “Eating shrimps” and she ran to relatives’ home. But this situation is because YoonA got grandma’s dialect wrong. In fact, YoonA’s grandma who is from ChinSangDo sais “That¡¯s all.” YoonA’s wise speech craft made all the artists burst into laughter.
Besides, YoonA who took part in many Variety shows and showed her wise speech craft competed with S.E.S member–Shoo for the Talk Queen.