Girls?Generation get great popularity on the internet. Again!

Girls?Generation also get great popularity on the internet.
Girls?Generation who get the highest cord of Music Field show their great popularity of their songs. We can also realize this through many shows and on the net.
A boy netizen made a song called Tiffany-Song? Soon, the song was spared on the net and became the focus.
This song is under the wee hours?which is sung by SoulCnexon. Netizens changed the lyrics and sang it themselves, to show their favors and attentions to Tiffany.
The song is started by the lyrics as Tiffany is a shining star of Girls?Generation. My star star ffany.?And when you see pink, you feel happy. Iâ??m attracted by you.?â??Itâ??s not so fancy but because of you, it deserves loving.?And etc. the lyrics which is wrote for Tiffany are very enjoyable.
Especially, â??Though itâ??s not so fancy, but because of you, it deserves loving. Though sometimes your stances are discontinuous so that itâ??s hard to make sense, but because you deserves being loved, that’s so cute?and so on. This kind of lyrics became jokes and attracted lost of people.
Recently, V.O.S made parody. Their changing girls?Generation?into older sisters?Generation?became the focus. Then V.O.S sang whose lyrics is changed from on the MBC FM4Uâ??s Boom Fun Fun Radio? Original lyrics of –â??Donâ??t look down on me, grabber. Today I donâ??t know why I like you and kissed you.?was changed into that I’m young and took back his heart. That guy always looked at me and smiled.?Especially, the chorus say I’m young and look down on me. Too nervous to say a word.?was changed into because you’re cute, sister won’t hurt you. If I’m your (elder) sister, I won’t hurt you. When you’re hungry, please call me.?This made all the audience burst into laughter.
Recently, many people were attracted by Yuri’s video in which she danced BoA’s dancing perfectly. It’s said that the video was recorded before Yuri’s first debut. The video shows that Yuri danced BoA’s difficult dancing perfectly and naturally.
Yuri whose appearance is cute and pure danced tempestuously in the video. This makes the netizen surprised. Besides, other members’ videos before their debuts were spared on the net. This does release Girls’ Generation’s popularity.

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