Girls’ Generation 9 people’s 9 colors saying “Enjoy the New Year with Girls’ Generation”
The protagonist of “Girls’ current”—Girls’ Generation send the New Year wishes to people.
Girls’ Generation sent the wishes in S.M. Entertainment and they said “We hope to get good lucks in the New Year and we also hope that all the dreams can be true in the New Year.” They said this with cute Korean traditional clothes.
Then they smiled and said “In the last year, we got much love. In the New Year, we will achieve higher destination and we will work harder.” And the made a decision “In the coming year, we hope that people can give us more love, and we will work harder for our fans.”
Besides, the Girls’ Generation which consists of SeoHyun, HyoYeon, YoonA, SooYoung, Yuri, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany and Sunny released their first single in the July of 2007. This also indicated that female groups are welcoming their floruit.
After their first album was released, “Girls’ current” had a great effect on the whole country. Recently, the continuing song “Kissing You” got first place in many rankings. It shows how popular they are!