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With the debut of the 9 membered group SNSD last August, SNSD has had one hit after another starting
with ‘Into the New World’ to “Girls Generation’ to ‘Kissing You’.

With the Lunar New Years, StarNews have individually interviewed each member of SNSD, who have been
bringing joy to their younger (brothers & sisters), older (brothers & sisters), soldiers, uncles fans of all

Following Questions & Answers from SeoHyun:

– Where and what do you plan to do this Luna New Years? And if you had to choose the one thing you
wanted to do the most during the holiday?

▶ After visiting our father’s and mother’s side of the family with our relatives, we plan to go on a train

– Any memorable moments during the Lunar New Years until now?
▶ I remember having a fun time when the whole family gathered and made Rice Cake Soup together and
played ‘yut’ with many different punishments.

– After your debut last August and becoming a singer, this is the first Lunar New Years and I imagine it
feels different. How do you feel this Lunar New Years?

▶ Actually, it’s still hard to believe sometimes that we’ve debuted. But when I meet up with my family and
they tell me it’s wonderful and that they’re proud of me, I feel that we did little by little. So I’m really
looking forward to this Lunar New Years. I want to keep on working hard so that my family would be proud
of me.

– If you can introduce one thing the whole family can do to have a joyful Lunar New Years?
▶ After eating together with everyone and then playing ‘yut’ with a fun punishment afterwards. haha.

– If you can pick the most memorable moment since your debut until now?
▶ When we received the ‘New Artist Award’ at the Seoul Music Awards.

– Any activity plans for SNSD after Lunar New Years?
▶ We plan to continue promoting ‘Kissing You’ after the New Years. I think we’ll be singing another
song rather than ‘Kissing You’ for a while.

– Is there any Lunar New Years greeting you want say to our StarNews Readers?
▶ StarNews readers~! I hope you’ll spend a meaningful and eventful Lunar New Years holiday this year.
Also, forget about all the bad events that happened until now. I hope you fulfill your future hopes step by
step. And don’t forget to keep on loving SNSD ♡.

—————————credits to: StarNews & ak6c@soshified
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