SNSD member Yuri is suffering a bitter insult due to a tongue slip.

Last September, SNSD member Yuri delivered her Choo-Suk (추석) greetings through a video and
remarked ‘our’ (우리:woori) country as ‘our’ (저희:ju-hee) country. 4 months
after, this remark has started a debate among netizens today.

In this video, Yuri mentions “(한복: Hanbok) gives a graceful and charming feel.
It’s something different, ‘our’ (저희:ju-hee) country’s tradtional hanbok . . .”

The phrase ‘our’ (저희:ju-hee) country is the wrong expression with the mearning of
lowering oneself and therefore is not a word used. Especially, among elementary.middle.highschool stduents,
who does not have a complete concept of grammar, the phrase is used frequently and becoming a problem.

Some netizens pointed out saying, “Yuri’s speaking was wrong. It is wrong to express ‘our’ (우리:woori) country
as ‘our’ (저희:ju-hee) country on Korean’s New Year (추석:Chuseok). Some netzens even went on and used
words like sycophant(?) and threw a fierce attack of disapproval at Yuri.

However, other netizens defended against Yuri saying, “Yuri made a mistake because she is young. It is forgivable.”
There were also many opinions suggesting because this video was taped last September around the time SNSD debuted,
being nervous as a rookie, (Yuri) could’ve expressed wrongfully. Also, some commented that being brought up 4 months after,
it could be seen as a circumstantial evidence on hatred for SNSD’s growing popularity.

On the other hand, on a live broadcast of SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on the 2nd, SNSD claimed the Mutizen
Song Award and displayed their never-ending SNSD storm.

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Thought Soy was going to post this up but seeing she didn’t, thought I might as well translate the rest.
I think this article can be a bit confusing if you’re not Korean. I tried my best to make it clear ^^;
If you’re still unsure, I’ll try to explain.

She pretty much used the wrong word for ‘our‘ country. Ridiculous imo.