Girls’ Generation–Tiffany,”American School,sister studies in Berkeley”

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany told her lovely school time in America.
Tiffany got great cheer when danced as a cheerleader at KBS 2TV’s show “Happy Together” on Jan. 31st.
MC Ryu JaeSuk asked:”How is your school time?”
Tiffany answered:”I studied in America.”and”My sister studies well” “She’s now studying in Berkeley University.”This made everyone feel surprised.
Besides,Tiffany also said “I like sprots and cheerleading”during her school time.
And as Tiffany suggested she also performed perfect cheerleading.
The cute pose and dance made Ryu JaeSuk,Ji SangRyul and Yeon ChaeHyuan cheer again and again.In addition,Shin HyeSung also wanted to show the pose of cheerleader.
Since it was far different from Tiffany’s cute pose of cheerleading,all the people there burst out laughing.
On that day,Tiffany,Ji SangRyul,Yeon ChaeHyuan,Kim KuRa and YoonA performed verbal match.