Girls’ Generation–Yuri,Shin JungHwan Shaking Dance Full Of Energy.

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri had a dance battle with Shin JungHwan.Girls’ Generation had a
Dance Battle with 6 entirely kindly men on Comedy TV show “Thoroughly Remould Shin JungHwan”.
Recently,popular female group Girls’ Generation attended “Thoroughly Remould Shin JungHwan”
and danced to the 6 entirely kindly men.Later,the 6 losing entirely kindly men
danced cute dance for Girls’ Generation but at last it still became Comedy Dance which fits the 6
entirely kindly men very much.Besides,Maine MC Shin JungHwan represented the 6 entirely kindly men
took part in the dance battle with a winning determination.He danced Shaking Dance,a kind of Comedy Dance.
On the other side,pretty girl Yuri represented Girls’ Generation and she won in the battle by dancing
Shin JungHwan’s Shaking Dance adroitly.
“Thoroughly Remould Shin JungHwan” is a twelve-week project,Maine MC Shin JungHwan,Kim YoungChul,Wu SungMin,
Jo WonSuk,Kim SangHyuk,Song JiHyo and so on are the entirely kindly men of this generation.They need to have
variety.On that day,guests Girls’ Generation told them an entirely kindly man should dance well and then the
girls taught them cute dance.
Yuri’s Shaking Dance and the Dance Battle will be on show on Feb. 3rd at Comedy TV show “Thoroughly Remould Shin JungHwan”.