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Shan ♥Maknae♥ajin13

Hi hi! <3 I sent you a PM for the April 4th ticket of the SNSD Japan Concert <3... do you still gonna sell it? :3 I hope so~ :D Thank you.
Feb 19 2013 10:57 AM


hey, sorry for the late reply..
yeah i watched it..
they have changed back to their original voice lol.. im glad.. i can hear yoong's voice.. hehe..
Jun 12 2011 09:01 AM


Hi there..^^
Do you already watch Cinderella Man on tv?
I just found out actually it is on the early ep not in the middle..lol
but I think I don't like they changed the audio..it means I can't hear Yoona's voice.;(
don't you agree..?;)
Jun 08 2011 08:02 AM