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[COMP] All of Girls' Generation's Albums

09 February 2014 - 02:37 PM

*Changed the title because I plan on reviewing all of their albums, with the exception of Girls & Peace. Also not including single CDs.


I Got A Boy




01 - I Got A Boy


You will either love or hate this song. I really love it, I think it's really unique. There's not much to say since it's a title song (i.e. everyone is going to hear this, I don't really have to review it), and it's debatable the first hear if you'll like it or not. I didn't think much of it until I listened to it more and more and it's my favorite SNSD song now. Despite what others might say, I find the melody changes unique and adds to the hype of the song. I think every member did a nice job on their part, and I really don't have a single complaint about this song. Well, except maybe lyrically wise, this song isn't that great if you actually understand it. 9/10.


02 - Dancing Queen


I really love this remake of Duffy's song. I think the composers and lyricists did a nice job on this song. Again, there isn't really much to review here. It's just a nice song. 9/10.


03 - Baby Maybe


This isn't a song I'd particularly listen to frequently, maybe occasionally. It's not bad at all, but it's not super special. The vocals and instrumental are cute and full of fluff. It's a really nice song. Although I'd say most of the fandom definitely loves this song, maybe it's just Tiffany's "Baby. baby, baby" in the beginning that annoys me, which takes away from the song to be. 7.5/10.


04 - Talk Talk


This was one of my favorite songs on this album. I love the melodic dark-ish (kinda?) feel to it. The lyrics really add to it since it's about a girl telling a boy he doesn't really know what a girls are about, and that she's not a stereotypical girl (i.e. "you need to look past the cliches of girls because that's not what we are"). Somewhere along those lines. I really like the vocal direction for this song; it's very unique. 10/10.


05 - Promise


The first time I heard this song, I didn't like it at all, and honestly, I still don't. I usually love most of SNSD's ballads, having a love of ballads myself. I feel like this song just wasn't special at all. It was kind of boring too. The only thing I really liked about it was Tiffany's high note at the end. But I do also like the lyrics. The chorus is what really annoys me, though, the "what about us, what about love". It's not a bad ballad, but it's just not to my liking. 3/10.


06 - Express 999


When you first hear this song, you're probably going to be confused if you liked it a little or a lot. Eventually it grew on me, but like Baby Maybe, it was just an okay song for me. And like I Got A Boy, it has a good beat and I like the melody changes, but lyrical wise, it's not that great of a song. The vocals are nice, with the exception that Jessica sounds like she's really straining her voice in certain parts. Overall, a good song. 8/10.


07 - Lost in Love


As I mentioned before, I love ballads, so when I heard this song I was in love. This song is really gentle and beautiful. The vocals of Tiffany and Taeyeon are fantastic and pour the emotion into the song. Even if you don't know what they're saying, you can still feel the emotion in it. There's not really much to say other than that, again I don't have a single complaint. 10/10.


08 - Look At Me


This is another either love it or hate it song. It took some getting used to because of Taeyeon's and Jessica's rap-like lines in the beginning. It doesn't sound good at first, but after a while I really like it. The psychedelic sound is really unique, especially at the bridge of the song where it's just this instrumental. Although I think the song could've been better, I git it 8/10.


09 - XYZ


This song is pleasing to the ears, but isn't all that great except for the chorus. But it's still one of my favorite songs off the album. The lyrics aren't that bad either. The beat kind of reminds me of something Britney Spears would use. But nonetheless, I think it's one of the best songs on this album. 9/10.


10 - Romantic St.


This is really nice ballad, I feel like I'm in the 1940s. I guarantee this song will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling at least once. Very unique. 9/10.





The packaging is unique, but the thickness of it makes it seem like there's more in it than just the CD and photobook, which there isn't. This kind of leaves fans disappointed because of the unnecessary thickness of it. I was a bit worried that the CD was just hanging out in the open. But the clear CD-looking plastic covering the CD really does protect in, and the foam keeps it in place. So, no need to worry. The photobook depends on whoever's CD version you get. I obviously got Sooyoung since she's my favorite, and it was a really nice photobook. I'd say all the girls' photobook are nice with the exception of Sunny's. I really didn't like her hair :X


Overall average: 8.25


Is it worth it?: Yes. Definitely. 





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