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About Me

HELLO EVERYBODY!!!!!! htr09y17z5ra8hg6g.jpg?size_id=3   





I, Vodoo, am a full-fledged Gorjess Spazzer.
As a Gorjess Spazzer, I'll make sure cucumbers will cease to exist,
practice how to do a dolphin squeal-like scream,
to sleep whenever there's an opportunity; if there isn't then resort to day-dreaming,
hold my chopsticks in a very odd way,
wear Abercrombie and Fitch as much as possible,
and learn my English badly so I'll receive scolding from my lovely Sica.













Unofficial Residents of The Sbox Room

Made by Monday

· Treadstone: The President. The person who pays for our foods. Senior SONE in Sbox.
· SoshiChowfan: The food and ingredients seller. He doesn’t want our money. He wants our smile… and hungriness. He was Trane’s classmate in the cooking class (<= random).
· PengFany: The little sister of Sbox who sometimes acts like a mom. Quiet or noisy, no between. Can be a devil. Loves music with sexual context.
· vodoo: The fake-alcoholic person who loves to flip tables. Total of tables flipped: 550. Top shouter, and the champion of flipping tables.
· buknoy: Lurker #1. The jokester and likes to lie. Liar, liar, liar, liar~ (You SANG that, don’t you? ). Oh, he’s a dog too. The Ginger of Sbox.
· Monday: The perverted kid that sometimes acts like a grandma. A cannibal psychopath.
· kidrobot: The fembot. He lurks around... in the middle of the Sbox room.

· Taengoo0924: The president's assistant. He asks about each and every shout made in the Sbox to know if there are terrorists plotting something evil for the Sbox. P.S.: He's a mango. A crazy one.
· ExcuseMe7673: The official fansite-master. He shares pictures and gifs for our SONE hearts.
· Maksago: The Typing Wizard of Sbox. He appears with magic, and leaves with magic. Everything is magical, He knows all....Kinda, ehh.
· Trane658: The cook-nim #1 of Sbox. He cooks for the sbox residents, and he pays for the ingredients too, with the President-nim.

· JerryF: The cook-nim #2 of Sbox. He uses Trane’s ingredients, and he is the person that will gives Sbox residents punishment if someone stole the dinner.
· girlspower99: Trane’s regular customer. She visits the Sbox to buy foods, and greets us everyday.
· Warhawk: The Korean-Teacher, aka 선생님. He is our coolest korean-speaking buddy.

· Raizy: Lurker #2. He appears, then he’s gone. He knows what you did in last Summer… .He also has infrequent problems with autocorrect, leads to amusing for Sbox but often embarrassing situations for him.
· ShaoRiN: The person who loves milk, because it's delicious and healthy. She parties with milk, not beer. She loves to chase people to sleep.
· Rick♥SNSD: The person who cries every time someone posted a SNSD gif/pic/vid. He has his own corner for crying, aka “Rick’s Corner of Sobs”.
· TheLaugingMan: The fansite master #2. He loves to surprise the Sbox residents with Soshi Goodies links, then leave silently, then surprise the sbox again. It’s a cycle.
· TrulyAwesome: The person who keeps the Darkest Corner clean, so other lurkers can lurk easily. We don’t know if that corner is clean or not tho, ‘coz it’s dark!
· SNSDave: The encyclopedia of Soshified. The brain of Sbox. Ask and you shall receive.
· TaeGanger12: The random guy. He is a pervy master and he loves AKB48 so much, especially MaYuki & KojiYuu.
ramulover: She is the head of New York's SNSD search party, she has eyes all over the city. Don't ask her to take photos, she's bad at it.
Kenmei: The "regular"
pastelpink: The artist from the UK but lives in the US. She gives us all the pretty photos of GG. She has an eye for art.
Daldrome: He comes and goes......He Is Lurker #3
Rick Hunter: Don't mess around with him, he's a hunter, Hunter Rick :P
Elle: The French girl that sounds like Eclairs and Bons Bons. She's a sweet heart who loves everyone but Travis.
Jonghyuns: The girl from Cali who likes to hide her face with a blanket. She spies on Sbox
Razor-Actual: The man who seeks and destroys all that spread evil into the world. He will find you and he will destroy you.
-More will be added. Special thanks for Soshified and Sbox.-


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