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Suggestions&Questions Box~

17 January 2014 - 03:56 PM

Considering this idea was only born around a few months ago, we still have a lot of things to figure out and plan, so it'd be great if we got ideas and opinions from the guys who make this community work, and that means you! :D So, if you have any suggestion or thought of something that might help us make this section better, please post them here ^^ Also, there might be a lot of confusion or just questions in general with this new section (can I do this? how do I do that?) so you can post your inquiries here as well!


Please note that just posts including suggestions or questions can be posted here. This thread will be moderated constantly and we will delete anything unrelated.


Don't be shy and ask or leave your ideas! ^^

About Reviews Section

17 January 2014 - 03:51 PM

Hello everyone!
What is this new weird section, you might be asking yourself. Fear not! I'll try to get the basics down pat in this post, and if you still have any questions, please direct them to
this thread, and we'll try to answer any queries as soon as possible.


Welcome to this desperate attempt of mine to try to explain as much as I can so everyone gets the reviewing fever as soon as possible, and this section starts off smoothly with everyone's participation ^^ Let's start...

So reviews! What is a review, first of all? We should probably cover that first, so I looked up a bit and I really liked these few definitions by dictionary.com
1. a critical article or report, as in a periodical, on a book, play, recital, or the like; critique; evaluation.
2. the process of going over a subject again in study or recitation in order to fix it in the memory or summarize the facts.
4. a general survey of something, especially in words; a report or account of something.

That gives us a general idea right? Basically, we want people to write down their feelings and impressions and evaluate things like songs, albums, merch, performances, etc, with a critical and constructive view. Whether you liked it or disliked it, we wanna hear it and we wanna know why!


Now why would we want to read reviews? I can come up with a few different reasons. People might not be familiar with SNSD's work and might want to read about a particular song or album. This could pique their interest in the product and make them buy it or have a listen to it themselves. Or maybe someone is deciding whether to buy Genie or Gee for their next purchase, and they wanna know which one will be worth it in terms of packaging and contents. Someone might have heard a certain song and wasn't too fond of it, so he wants to have a take on that and see what others have to say about it as well. Or (this would be my personal reason) you just enjoy reading stuff and what others have to say whether you agree with their opinions or not. It's fun, right?  Different strokes for different folks, and I actually enjoy engaging in discussions as long as they have valid arguments instead of just irrational ranting.


This brings us up to the next big thing, and that is what we expect of reviews in this section. We don't wanna tell you how to write and how much you should write, but we want serious reviewers around. To have a certain quality standard, we would like to read one that's above 200 words. For non-extensive opinions, there are many many threads in the Discussions general section to write and read, but we want to go to the next level with this section. You can be original and organize your reviews as you deem fit, but if you're not sure how to start or what to write about, here's an example from our own writers. As you can see, they cover different things and end the whole article giving a score on Packaging, Songs and Overall. You don't have to do the exact same thing, but maybe you'll find it easier to write if you pick particular aspects to talk about and incorporate them in a basic outline before writing, especially if it's your first time doing a review. In my experience, whenever I have to write a long text, I usually write down the first ideas that come to mind, or the things I really want to make sure I talk about before starting, and then I start typing with that list as a guide so I don't lose my track (I'm doing this right now actually). If you still don't know what to focus on or what is a good aspect to rate, I recommend going with things like lyrics, melody, harmonizations, rhythm or "catchiness" for songs; for albums and merchhandise, you can go with physical aspects like materials and shape, or goodies added, and also talk about the content (songs, clips, photos, depending on what we're talking about). You're the one in charge, so feel free to get creative with your ratings and writing~


We want to focus on the person reviewing instead of the subject of review (still on trial, we'll see how this system goes) so everyone gets to create a thread when they want to review something. You can create multiple threads, but to make it easier for people to find your reviews or if they want to find related threads, you can start compilation threads instead and use a title you think it'll fit for everything such as "All of SNSD's MVs" or "Girls' Generation, The Boys and IGAB", etc. You can use compilation thread if you want to make just one thread for every review you're going to write as well. It's all up to you!


The main and golden rule stays the same as always. Be respectful, both for reviewers and people reading the reviews.
You can write about things you dislike and still have a respectful tone if you want to, so that's no excuse for bashing or hateful remarks.
Your own opinion probably won't be the same as everyone else's, so both readers and reviewers, stay classy and just agree to disagree. Don't pick up fights, or a moderator will come to take care of it as soon as the situation is brought to our attention.


TL;DR? Here's a summary of basic things we encourage reviewers to do:

- Even if you don't have a minimum of words to type (but remember, above 20 words, as always!), you are greatly encouraged to write above 200 words. We want you to explain things in detail instead of just writing "this is pretty, i like this, it's catchy". We have other sections for you to do so if that's what you're looking for.
- You can use whatever style you think is best. Be original and creative~ This might help others to recognize and like your reviews and this in turn will boost your reputation.

- Use as many keywords as possible to help others find your reviews or specific things.
- Use compilations if you want to review several things under one common category.

- Constructive criticism and respect are the key points! Everyone is entitled to different opinions, and you might not always think everything is perfect and pink~ We want to hear the reasons why you think a certain way, but always remember to justify with useful criticism instead of just bashing.

- Bottom line, have fun! :) Share your point of view with others and just enjoy this brand new section~


17 January 2014 - 03:50 PM



1. You need a minimum of 25 posts to start new threads


2. No spamming
Do not go off topic. Only refer to the subject being talked about or the review itself. Personal conversations should be done via PM.


3. No bashing (applies to reviewers and people commenting reviews)

This is basic manners. You're allowed to dislike a product, a song or a review--just be nice about it. Constructive criticism is okay and encouraged; rude remarks are not.


4. Number of threads per author is not limited, but will be subject to moderation if required.

You are allowed to have more than one thread if you want to, but if you're doing a review on a bunch of songs from one album, or doing reviews that would be classified under one similar tag, please try to do compilations instead of different threads for each of them. This makes it easier for people to find your reviews and makes it easier to index and organize.


5. Please tag and name your threads with official names only

To make it easier to organize and to find specific things, please use official titles to name your threads and use tags as followed:


[SONG] for individual songs


[ALBUM] or [MINI] for mini albums

[PERF] for performance/concert

[SHOW] for variety shows or episodes including at least one of the girls

[MV] for Korean releases or [PV] for Japanese releases


[MERCH] photobooks and other official goodies

[DRAMA] or [MOVIE] with at least 1 of the girls participating in it

[COMP] for compilations about anything


6. Only review official merchandise or content.

Fansite photobooks or goodies are not allowed to be reviewed to avoid possible conflicts with fansite owners. Please just stick to official releases instead.


7. Do not post illegal download links or share official content.

You can use resources like pictures to go with your reviews (taken by you or by others, just don't forget to credit), but please don't share links to illegal downloads, including songs, albums, DVDs, etc.


8. General forum rules still apply.