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[INTERVIEW] YoonA's Private Closet(CeCi) and YoonA InStyle interview

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 07:07 PM

I don't know if this is translated yet.
Anyway, please pardon my English grammar, vocabulary or sentence mistakes as I don't regard myself as a good English speaker, this is also my first time trying to translate this much.

I translated these from Chinese to English, the original Korean to Chinese translations are done by snsdchina, and the following images are provided by a fellow sone, pinkrabbit91

CeCi interview(November 2009)

YoonA InStyle interview(October 2009)

I am not experienced in editing images, so I'll just type the translations out here.

I'll start off with the CeCi magazine interview first, a total of 5 parts.

1. Introduction
It seems to be that a particular sentence, gaze or style has been grabbing the attention of the public,
how much do we know about the YoonA we've been taking note of throughout the time?
She might seem to have a body figure which looks rather fragile and weak, together with a smile which has always made people go head over heels frequently, but in actual fact, YoonA has always been hiding her innocent and cute self of a 20 year old girl from the cameras.

During the interview, we used YoonA's role in certain parts of the lyrics in SNSD music as the theme for this interview. It's not an interview with all 9 girls in SNSD, but only YoonA herself, a one to one interview.
This is a report from the photo shoot venue, it can also be considered as a chat with YoonA, accompanied with her memorable laughter during the photo shoot. After the photo shoot, the phone conversation with her is still ongoing.

Afraid of getting in with her schedule and rest time, we asked a few casual questions regarding what she is doing now.
"Surfing the net, watching TV, reporting to other members what happened during a particular time. I am in Tiffany's room while having this phone conversation.
Tiffany keeps calling me to go out and have fun together. After hearing what happened during the interview earlier on, Tiffany said she was going to buy 2009F/W's new products to fill up the closet."

During the phone conversation with YoonA, there were many male fans surrounding me who are envious and filled with jealousy from what I see, there were some who tried using certain gifts to ask me to allow them speak over the phone with YoonA.

During the photo shoot, I had a sudden feeling of wanting YoonA in my arms. She worries about the opposite party during the phone conversation and that truly showed her sincerity to me, how is it possible to have people who dislike her?

What we have observed from YoonA, when she is feeling unwell, she will definitely voice it out, she is also able to speak her thoughts directly and clearly, she does not only keep bad comments in her heart, she will also try to understand it, and find a solution to her mistakes.

This is just enough evidence to show how a 20 year old girl is slowly growing up maturely. Worried about herself stepping into the entertainment industry at only 13 years old being too early for her, it eventually turned out well for her as her career has been positive throughout since then.

As the 'front cover' for Korea's most popular music group, her soft shoulders are tougher than we might have thought. This makes people want to send their best wishes to her wanting her to have a better future in her life and career.

Didn't SNSD say this before, tell me your wish. The lucky goddess, we'll be counting on you YoonA.

2. I was so shocked that I couldn't say a single word, I was thinking whether I should be angry or whether I should laugh it off, don't tease me because I'm young - Girls Generation

Q: Working in the entertainment industry for 2 years. There has always been a saying "Aigoo, my children" by an ahjussi, the presence of calling 'Unnies' has become more common than ever. And the juniors who start to address their seniors. Time flies, doesn't it?

A: It has been difficult while looking at my juniors. There has always been a regretful saying that "We are no longer the youngest now", all the love and care we used to get will go towards the juniors. It's a lie to say that we never felt threatened about this before,
but we used to get lots of love in the past, it's only right for the juniors to get the same amount of love as we had before. In the past, people got to know me only through the TV, that feeling is still magical when we reminiscence about it now.

Q: What are the childhood dreams of our 20 year old YoonA?

A: In the past, I got to know what the world looks like for adults through my sister who is of 5 years age difference with me.
When I turned 20 years old, I realized there weren't any special changes with this world. The friends I have made since young are still my friends now, my thoughts have not changed much since young. Because I'm still my original self.
Now, I roughly understand why adults say "Your body is 30 years old, but your soul remains 20 years old"

Q: Is it counted that your dreams has come true?

A: I appeared in CFs and magazines before I stepped into the entertainment industry, during those times, I thought "How nice it would be if I had the other members around me", and now we're already SNSD.
In the past, we often see our seniors, Super Junior, saying " We are Super Junior!" I felt that those words make people feel envious around the world. Even in theaters, there are advertisements of mine appearing, it's time for me to have an even bigger dream.
Not hand raised since young, but already coming from a rich family, wearing beautiful clothes in dramas, I feel that such roles are not bad. Maybe I'll try a role where a daughter inherits her wealthy parents wealth first.

3. Stupid baby, I prayed for this too - Perfect for you

Q: People seek for help from the gods when they are caught in a troubled situation. What would be the wish you would want for it to come true through praying?

A: We prayed before SNSD debuted into the entertainment industry. Because we are unaware of the public's reactions, we were also feeling worried back then.
Our first song "Into The New World", because we were practicing on it everyday, we got mixed up with positive and negative comments about the song over time.
Hence, we asked people around us to give us some judgments on our performance, some said it's good, some said it's not powerful enough, everyone had doubts at that period of time.
Hoping that during Girls Generation's debut, will bring a "Ah very fresh!" feeling to others. Hoping others could get motivations through us. We said to ourselves, "Let's work hard together!" like this by holding hands and praying together everyday.

Q: Are there any themes for YoonA's prayers? it's not about religious issues, we only want to know the things that has been troubling you and making you feel unhappy lately.

A: I'm very happy to have many targeted goals in life. I have been feeling that sometimes, we'll have to use more energy while carrying out our activities, I was worried if my body's energy is slowly depleting or not. Lately, I've been feeling feeble and weak, afraid that my body would not be able to take it any longer.
My focus on things seems to also have deprived. This is the first time I'm resting after 2 years of activities. Even though it's only a resting period for our album, I usually have to use this time for drama acting. But once a person starts to rest, he or she will continue wanting to rest more.
Although it's a short period of time, your emotions will be able to relax during this period of time. Being an actor, singer, now, I feel used to such activities/programs whenever I come across one.
Looks like I'll require some fresh new concepts and ideas to search for the motivation I used to have for me to work harder.

Q: It's time to give your daily life some time. As this opportunity is already given to you now, release all that you have been bearing through, take advantage of this opportunity and have fun.
A: There are days for us to rest during activities, the members put on their thinking caps and put in lots of effort to plan things out. Wearing caps to watch movies or eat something nice during the night.
It feels the best to stay at home and be 'lazy' right now, like the princess of the house.

4. A frustrated heart, a sorry heart, when can I show it to you, with a soft voice, I'll tell it to you closely so only you can hear - Baby Baby

Q: Everyone will definitely have something they regret or are worried about. Do you have any problems left unsolved? Tell us softly.

A: Uh...There's always a thinking that we must perform especially well in front of others, in front of the public. You will have be very careful of what you say in public.
"Saying something like this, or doing an action like that, will make others feel uneasy, will lead to hatred towards you?" Such examples will make me feel worried, giving me headaches. As such examples slowly accumulate, it will be very tough, hence it will make you want to change your behavior and attitude.

Q: Everyone in Korea knows me, when you think about "me", you might feel a bit afraid don't you. Especially as a 20 year old "me" in an idol group. How do you overcome such situations?

A: I'm the type who would discuss with someone whenever I feel frustrated in mind. Looking for members, the coach, or other unnies in the entertainment industry. Because they are the ones who has watched me grow up since young.
I'm lucky as the people around me gave me good suggestions. And yeah, Hyoyeon unnie is usually the one who would lend a ear to my troubles, and to only sleep when the sun rises.

Q: As a idol, there would always be misunderstandings. It's good to see that you are capable of coping with such misunderstandings as most would have thought that it is rather hard to, you must be really lucky.

A: When discussing unhappy moments, it will remind you of the incident, and make yourself or others feel unhappy about it. If I spoke the truth, maybe there would be somebody who would tell me "Ah, so that is the case" and understand me.
Actually, while speaking of these unhappy moments, you would want to be careful about it and would also feel a bit afraid about it.
What I have said earlier about performing well in front of others seems to be acting up now. There may be people who dislike or like me, but before speaking about it, you will start to feel afraid about it.
But such troubling issues seems to have made one feel used and tired of it already.

5. Where are you, i waited a long time. The glow was pretty in that alleyway - Merry Go Round

Q: From "9 Ends 2 Outs" to "Unstoppable Marriage" "You Are My Destiny", to "Cinderella Man", among these dramas, you've been the lead actress for two of them. Although you might have been ready before you stepped into the entertainment industry, but from a company's perspective, you have advanced way quicker than anyone have thought. Won't you feel afraid about this?

A: Looking at such comments on the internet "Already undergoing years of acting training, it would not be wise for people to be understanding towards her just because she lacks experience in acting." This is not really an excuse, you would not know how the battlefield looks like before you step into the battlefield, after stepping into the actual battlefield, you would feel the difference.
It's different while undergoing training, you will not be in perfect shape the whole time.
My seniors taught me that acting is an accumulation to your experience. "As the years go by, your true potential will increase too. You will then be able to cope with acting roles which may seem difficult to you from the beginning." these words gave me a deep impression.
It makes me want to do my very best in acting, I will accept whatever I can get. I believe my acting skills will slowly improve. Sometimes I feel rather embarrassed when I watch my own acting. I even felt it myself, so I am able to understand some of the negative comments I have got. Compared to getting hurt when receiving negative comments, these comments instead give me the motivation to do better in future.

More information at <> November's issue.

YoonA InStyle Interview 1
* Mesmerized over Girls Generation!
The Power of Girls Generation has been overwhelming. Taking part in different music programs and CFs, they seem to be the leading 'Fashion Leader' for many famous brands, this is also a sign to decide on the present generation for idols, especially with those tight jeans and marine outfits which made them as a fashionable Girls Generation, this also made the group's existence unique as well.
Among the group there is a member who is gaining lots of attention lately, and that is none other than YoonA.
Although she looks feeble, but she resembles a chameleon which is capable of displaying many different types of charming abilities, she has been juggling with roles of an actor and a singer frequently, to others, it might seem to look like YoonA has not been getting ample time to rest.
"My schedule is already packed until the end of the year, I would love to travel overseas with my friends, but I do not have the time to", from her cute facial expressions to looking like a doll which possesses a beautiful face and slim body, YoonA has been the most popular member who got the most attention from the public compared to the other members.
Apart from having such beautiful appearance qualities, YoonA has another side of herself which shows her playful and child like self "I'm still not quite comfortable with having thick makeup, some types of makeup were not suitable, that is why I only do light makeup most of the time, just like today's makeover, do you guys feel that I look like a stranger here?" (Laughs)(Note: You'll have to refer to the images I provided above to see her makeup)

+ Other members of Girls Generation voted you as the member with the best skin qualities, what is your secret to your beautiful skin?
First of all, you will have to be aware of your personal cleanliness, and also having plenty of sleep if you are able to. To sleep well, set the lights to partially dim, creating a better environment to allow yourself to sleep better and comfortably.
Also, to have better absorption, you will have to do something with your base and powder products, and that is warming. Soak the towel in warm water, and apply it onto your face, that way, your products will allow better absorption.

+ What are the common troubling problems faced concerning skin nowadays?
The skin being dry and having acne are the most troubling issues, if it's during rest time, you can still undergo skin treatment and care, because of time constraint, you can't really go for one even if you need it.
if there are any important photoshoots, I will use a cotton swab and dip a bit of normal saline solution around the acne, and then spread it over the acne using the cotton swab.

there's a slight effect on removing harmful substances and also a use for shrinking, after that, I will use acne removing products and apply them on.

+ Is there anything you are not satisfied with your face or body?
My feet are 245mm wider, even if the size of a beautiful shoe is increased, it will not look quite the same after I wear it. As much as I would like to wear those small and nice shoes, unfortunately I can't. Another thing I'm unsatisfied about are my eyes.(Even translating this gave me a shock, her eyes are gorgeous enough already don't you think so?)

+ What are the brands that you have on your dressing table?(Translator's note: or makeup table, not really sure about these kinda stuff heh)
I use the same room as Yuri, our makeup products are kept in the cupboard because we don't have a dressing table, I use 3 types of perfume, the one I prefer the most is the ISSEY MIYAKE perfume, I also use the same brand for my body lotion.
I like to use bright colored lipstick because my lips are rather pale, I'm using VIDI VICI HONEY lipstick these few days. I do not put on makeup frequently, hence I do not have many makeup related products, the rest are SHUUEMURA FOUNDATION, BOBBIBROWN and PINK SHADOW.

YoonA InStyle Interview 2
+ Your unique charm?
I'm actually not very feminine like how others look at me, people who are close to me will tell me that I am outgoing, I'm not sure if that's the reason,
I saw a survey report regarding my popularity, I am more popular with the girls compared to guys, another thing about me is how I love to joke around (Laughs)
Because I am usually with the other members, they share the same GAG CODE as me as well, and we joke together quite oftenly.

+ While watching television, is there a particular acting role you would want to take up?
Yes, I do! I would take up an acting role that is similar in terms of my age. In both dramas and , my acting role is similar to a person who is in her 20s, there were some things I do not understand while acting these roles.
So I hope to take up a lively acting role close to my age, and carry out expressions naturally for it.

+ What do you do during your free time/resting time?
There's nothing special actually, the members and I will catch movies & have meals together, that is all.

I'll either watch the television or use the computer to kill time in the dorm.

+ Regardless of age and gender, you are loved by many, have you ever felt a burden over this?
It would definitely be a burden. My blood type is B(Translator's note: She is most probably saying this because people of the same blood group should not be behaving the same way as she is now), but I am constantly worrying about what might happen in the future, I am also very concerned over what others view me as.
Hence I will look for other members or friends to discuss over my thoughts whenever I feel really pressurized, also to get their viewpoints and suggestions as well, I am not the sort of person who bottles things up.
I am very concerned with what the public thinks about me as Girls Generation has been gaining a lot of attention from the public lately, hence there is always a strong feeling that we should not disappoint our fans and the people around us.

+ Between an actor and a singer, which role is much more interesting to you?
It's difficult to make a choice, as both have their own unique charms, they do have differences though, as a singer on stage, listening to the cheers and applauses from fans, makes you feel really satisfied and happy, the presence of other members also gave me strength,
whereas as an actor, you will feel lonely because you are acting alone, you will not be able to come close to your fans too, I feel regretful about this point.

+ You are slightly slimmer compared to others, do you have any special routines for yourself?
I don't exercise much on a daily basis, I will ride the bicycle during summer, but recently my schedule is packed and in addition to that, the weather is cooling, hence I will not ride the bicycle often.
As I am always practicing dancing with other members, I do not have a fixed routine for exercising, while practicing, my energy is used the same way like exercising too.

Translated by TenCents at soshified :D

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 07:30 PM

wow~ awesome !! haha,
it took me soo long to read all this,
i cant believe i was so ingnorant of some things about SNSD
wow learned a lot
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Posted 12 November 2009 - 07:37 PM

Now that was quite a read. Thanks a lot for doing that.

I'm very surprised that she mentioned her eyes as something she's unhappy with. Silly girl....they're beautiful!
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MangoSashimi MangoSashimi
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Posted 12 November 2009 - 07:44 PM

Thanks for translating this! It was a good read ^^

Yeah, i was shocked to when she said she wasn't satisfied with her eyes, they are dazzling!
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Posted 12 November 2009 - 07:59 PM

thanks for translating! i'm reading it right now. haha having the phone interview in tiffany's room XD
oo i am going to look up Issey Miyake products now ^^
i like bike riding too but the weather over here has been crazy lately.
this was an interesting interview.
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thanks to~ ERiiN (icon) & helloworld409 (signature)

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 08:05 PM

seriously. that is a huge chunk of translation.
took me quite some time to read it all.
thanks for the translation

i can totally sympathize yoona's condition.
2 years of promotion and pack schedule and not getting enough ample rest.
i hope all of the girls can find enough time to rest and the motivation to do well for their upcoming solo concert.

snsd hwaiting!
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Posted 12 November 2009 - 08:14 PM

Thanks for the translations. It took quite a bit to read and I'm sure it took much longer to translate. Kudos for your hard work and thanks!
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Posted 12 November 2009 - 08:19 PM

thanks for translating this!
i have fun reading it.
yoona really is indeed so popular and i like the fact that she's still being humble about it!
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Posted 12 November 2009 - 08:19 PM

oh yeah!! finally i have finished reading. lol.
it took me quite a long time to read this.
you must take longer time to translate this than me reading this. hahaha.
so thanks for the translation, dude! well done!

i learned a lot, especially the quote "But once a person starts to rest, he or she will continue wanting to rest more."
it makes me want to work harder and stop being lazy.
anyway, what is the link between her blood type and her fans thingy?
i dont get it. :X

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credits to jinho@soshified.

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 08:20 PM

:clapping: WOW... that was a whole lot of translation good job. :thumbsup:
Thx for translating it :)
I was also shocked when she said that she is unsatisfied about her eyes.
You have pretty eye Yonna.
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Posted 12 November 2009 - 08:22 PM

woah~ now that was filled with information xD lol
thanks for the translations~ =D
i guess yoong has matured~ wee~ xD lalal~
time flies so fast lyk she said...
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Posted 12 November 2009 - 08:28 PM

thanks for translating these =)
lol i think you have written an essay :P
wow! now i know more about Yoona! :sq_silver_goodmood:
love Yoona <3
Yoona hwaiting!
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Fany, I think about you everyday. I really miss you! <3

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 09:15 PM

oh yeah!! finally i have finished reading. lol.
it took me quite a long time to read this.
you must take longer time to translate this than me reading this. hahaha.
so thanks for the translation, dude! well done!

i learned a lot, especially the quote "But once a person starts to rest, he or she will continue wanting to rest more."
it makes me want to work harder and stop being lazy.
anyway, what is the link between her blood type and her fans thingy?
i dont get it. :X


I'm not too sure about that too, the chinese translations said she mentioned her blood type being B, and then goes onto another topic, could be a translation error or I might have left something out.

My guess is that she's trying to say that people who belong to the blood group B are supposed behave oppositely to how she is now.

thanks for translating these =)
lol i think you have written an essay :P
wow! now i know more about Yoona! :sq_silver_goodmood:
love Yoona <3
Yoona hwaiting!

Ahaha when I look back at the chunk of words I have typed, I'm surprised at myself too heh.

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 09:33 PM

wow AWESOME! haha Tencents banzai! lolx wow its soo long and yr translations are goood! haha thanks for spending the time and hard work to translate Yoona Unnie's words! XD All the YoonAddicts are greatful to you! haha... Wow its so long I'm supposed to be studying for As. >.< will come back and finish reading Yoona's translations! Thanks so much for taking the time and effort!

~Wow finally finished reading it lol..Could'nt resist to read it some other day lol..Yoona Uniie is really matrue in her replies.. Love it that she does not fancy havey make-up! ^^ Natural beauty~ OH! now we know what kinda perfume she uses! haha --> Reply to one of the Yoong threads which was asking what kinda scent does Yoona have! =D-

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 09:36 PM

wow AWESOME! haha Tencents banzai! lolx wow its soo long and yr translations are goood! haha thanks for spending the time and hard work to translate Yoona Unnie's words! XD All the YoonAddicts are greatful to you! haha... Wow its so long I need to study for As >.< will come back and finished reading Yoona's translations after my exams! Thanks so much for taking the time and effort!

Haha, good luck for your As! I just finish my Os so I had the time to do this xP
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Posted 12 November 2009 - 09:54 PM

wow.. great interview here!
got to noe abit more abt yoonnaaa ^^
she seems honest and humble in her answers ^^
thx for the effort translating the interview, Tencents! ^^
appreciate it much!
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Posted 12 November 2009 - 09:56 PM

whoa there was so much to read there! xD hahaha
but it was a good read! =D
thanks so much for translating this!
gosh i'd be jealous of that person
being able to talk to yoona on the phone TT_TT"

thanks for the translated goodie !! =D
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Posted 12 November 2009 - 10:04 PM

yeah, i was thinking like that too. i dont think you left something out. you are a good translator. lol. :)

thanks for even trying to answer my question. hahhaha. i really appreciate it.

anyway, all the best for your Os results.
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credits to jinho@soshified.

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 10:38 PM

thank you so much for translating this! i had a lot of fun reading it...it's funny how she talks the ears off of people so they can't sleep...haha but everyone loves her so they'll do that for her :P thank you again!
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yooooooooooooooooooonnnggg ♥

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 10:52 PM

wow yoona ah~ Unnie, you are so so nice and very good with words. She really is one of the face of Snsd. But really, all 9 of them are faces of Snsd right? Love them so much :heartbeat:
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God will always bless Snsd 소녀시대 ^^♥

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