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170629 soshified x bumsan x sunny

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Posted 30 June 2017 - 10:10 PM

So this was a longgg but exciting day. I love being able to work with Soshified as apart of the staff, and today was no different. About 5 of us had previously worked together at the NYC 2011 fanmeet, so it was pretty cool to look at the fandom still going strong and events still drawing crowds. In regards to my "job", specifically, I assisted with event security as well as making sure the board didn't fall on Sunny. Pretty important thing, imo. Don't want her hurt.

So after getting off work at 6 AM, I made it to the venue at about 8:30. There was about 30 or so people already in line, almost 4 hours before the event was supposed to start. Quite a lot of dedication in those folk. I spent the next 2-3 hours setting up the patio area, getting the supplies needed, and making sure that I was going to be sunburned as hell. Maybe not the last part, but it happened anyway.

The fans were for the most part very well-behaved, with only minor issues coming to head. We hit the 200 advertised just at about 2 or so, and I think we had about 210-220 total at the very very end.

Around 11-12 or so, Sunny arrived for the media portion of the day. KBS and quite a few other outlets were there to cover both her visit and the opening of Bumsan, which is both a Korean eatery that now has an LA franchise but also one that's owned by Sunny's brother-in-law. She proceeded to walk a bit outside, sample ice cream ,and wave at the fans at the front. Very enjoyable segment.

As she went off to do Sunny things, the ice cream serving happened. Many fans were saying "gimme that, gimme that ice cream"(they weren't, but I can pretend). Free ice cream is also a treat, and Bumsan's is really good if a bit fast melting. I personally had 3 cones but I felt like I needed it. Everybody seemed to enjoy it, as well as the trivia segments from Christi and Ashleigh.Hope some of you won that!

At about 2, it was time for the day to get even Sunnier, and I proceeded to get ready for her to come out...which amounted to me holding both the umbrella and the easel ala Samson. With the hair and all. Luckily, we decided to eschew with the umbrella so I only had to hold the easel. She came out to much fanfair, and I was able to get some great shots from my angle. Her Q&A was adorable, as she picked some interesting questions and gave funny answers, like her life as a movie possibly being named "Star Wars", and that she liked her hair and concept in "The Boys" the best. I was extremely lucky to have had her post-its handed to me after the segment, so yay souvenirs.

As you can see from all the fancams, or the live stream...she's hilarious. The crowd was laughing every few seconds, not just because it was Sunny, but because she's honestly really funny. Teasing the fans about the US Tour("nooooo"), making sure everyone thought she was cute ("I didn't hear you~") and her overall facial expressions were just too funny. Her family being in the audience was a nice touch, and her dad is a really really nice guy. Her brother-in-law too. Actually, everyone. Everyone was nice.

As the event winded down, I was really happy to see how touched fans were at her gifts of roses and cards. She really did that from the bottom of her little heart, and I really hope everyone who got one treasures it because I don't know many other idols who have done that before. I'd also like to thank fans for not trying any stunts when she handed them too(grabbing her, trying to sneak selcas, etc) and she was very personable with each and every one. I'm pretty sure more than a few people teared up or cried after, either from being touched by her generosity or because she touched their hands. The world may never know.

After the fans were finished up, the staff(both event and Bumsan) and Sunny all took a picture together, and there is now a picture of Sunny and myself with a rose between my teeth in existence. Stay tuned for whenever that releases. I was especially surprised to find myself in her IG later on, and for people like sonexstella and OH_Mes to mention seeing me on the livestream. Was I that apparent? I guess so.

Mr. Lee(Sunny's dad) generously provided us with lunch and Hae Jong Chon KBBQ, and there's really nothing like KBBQ to finish off a K-pop event. The only thing hotter than the grill was my skin, sadly. It burns to this day.

Hope you enjoyed my long post, and if you have any questions about the event if you went, or didn't, I'd be happy to elaborate. Attached also is my album of photos, hope you all enjoyed, and thanks again for reading!

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RickachuSNSD RickachuSNSD
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Posted 01 July 2017 - 06:18 PM

Nice one, Dave. Great to see you participate in another event that gave a chance for the fans to be closer to SNSD, in this case Sunny. Hats off to the entire team behind it. It's a good way to get us to celebrate the 10th anniv.


Good to also know that Sunny put in a lot of effort for this as well, and that the fans were as equally gracious. Gives a lot of good impression moving forward.

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