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Where fans from around the world can post their fan accounts of being able to witness just a simple performance or even perhaps meeting the girls in person and more.


Photobucket Issue

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Request for help in re-uploading Audio Downloads

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@  C-lowicious (11:19:01 AM) Happy to see sooyoungs hair still thriving as well >< hairography is back lol
@  yoonashidae2 (08:48:08 AM)

idol yoong https://twitter.com/...562097141927941

@  yoonashidae2 (08:44:30 AM)

@C-lowicious sones are too old to care XD 

@  yoonashidae2 (08:42:48 AM)

@snghigurashi YA this was very.. nostalgic :")

@  yoonashidae2 (08:42:29 AM)

ayy i ordered the deluxe version of forever 1 :D but it's coming in 3-4 weeks :/

@  C-lowicious (06:47:48 AM) With the amount of newer idols right now it would take a miracle to bring those points up I think, but I learned as soon as the show came out to just enjoy it as is, they don’t NEED the wins or to go viral or anything, they’re only doing this for like a month, let’s just take it as is. If they won one week that would so freaking awesome!
@  cinderella@y... (06:24:11 AM) @snghigurashi let just enjoy their show
@  snghigurashi (05:38:15 AM)

@cinderella@yoona do you know how we can help get points up? 

@  snghigurashi (05:37:47 AM)

SNSD's Music Bank performance was amazing :') 

@  cinderella@y... (01:39:46 AM) music bank point are so low
@  C-lowicious (07:19:13 PM) Even more excited seeing the girls at the music show place, I was almost hoping they would do a group photo one and have that one fan guy screaming in the back lmao!
@  Keitaro88 (06:44:13 PM) https://pbs.twimg.co...pg&name=900x900
@  Chi_Soshi_Angel (01:47:31 PM) I'm so excited for the shows! Honestly this is the best august ever!
@  C-lowicious (01:09:05 PM) hope snsd is giving joy to your guys month cuz it’s giving me a very very happy month lol
@  C-lowicious (01:08:39 PM) I ordered my album too late so I probably won’t get mine until September but I am counting down the days!!!!! Lol
@  C-lowicious (01:08:14 PM) Finally!! I seriously need a performance and solo fancams asap!!!!!
@  snghigurashi (09:22:26 AM)

SNSD will finally be on music shows!!! Friday 19 Aug: Music Bank. Saturday 20 Aug: Show! Music Core. Sunday 21 Aug: Inkigayo

@  kidrobot (08:16:26 AM) villiannnnnn
@  Chi_Soshi_Angel (05:48:17 AM) hi fans! I miss spazzing here~
@  snghigurashi (05:45:13 AM)

SNSD uploaded a reaction vid to their MV! It's so cute :)

@  venklado (03:08:19 PM) please reup this https://www.soshifie...-fanmade-video/
@  cinderella@y... (05:04:56 PM) @kamil np
@  cinderella@y... (05:04:42 PM) @yoonashidae2 worth the money
@  kamil (03:08:49 PM) thank you @cinderella@yoona! :)
@  StaticRain (02:59:33 PM)

ill try that again, here's the working link. https://gfycat.com/w...on-taeyeon-snsd

@  Keitaro88 (02:05:54 PM) >_> https://pbs.twimg.co...pg&name=900x900
@  hikki-x (10:50:07 AM) can't wait to get mine!
@  yoonashidae2 (09:38:05 AM)

@cinderella@yoona me want T_T 

@  StaticRain (05:43:20 AM)


@  cinderella@y... (04:32:49 PM) oh yeah got mine album yesterday .. look like some toy box lol
@  cinderella@y... (04:31:23 PM) done
@  cinderella@y... (04:28:24 PM) @kamil just report it .. only staff/mod can delete the post
@  kamil (03:44:19 PM)

I am totally blanking right now... we cannot delete post reply anymore or am I missing something? (I inadvertently double posted :( )

@  yoonashidae2 (08:02:07 AM)

https://www.youtube....IRLS'GENERATION forever 1 behind the scenes :0

@  yoonashidae2 (07:26:36 AM)

yeah i guess it's only available on several countries :/

@  hikki-x (02:32:11 AM) thanks! never heard of via before! i found it on bilibili.tv
@  yoonashidae2 (12:42:09 AM)

@hikki-x i watched it in viu :D

@  hikki-x (01:05:32 PM) nvm i found it!
@  hikki-x (12:15:01 PM) hey guys, do you know where i could find Amazing Saturday's episode with erg sub please?
@  yoonashidae2 (06:31:36 AM)

soshi's first album have a tape version?!?!?!?!?

@  yoonashidae2 (02:34:16 AM)

finally put my viu subscription to a good use XD, waiting for the men on a mission ep as well

@  yoonashidae2 (02:31:54 AM)

@C-lowicious IKR, I guess everyone in the cast as well as the crews making her comfortable as well :D 

@  willtran22 (10:17:13 PM)

@CerealK1ller yo ikr, I've been a member here for almost 9 years!

@  Keitaro88 (04:36:27 PM) she is
@  C-lowicious (04:25:02 PM) I love that they called out Taeyeon saying she is so different on amazing saturday, I remember the first time watching the show I was like Ive never seen Taeyeon this comfortable and just assumed it was because Key was there and she was comfortable because of him lol~
@  C-lowicious (04:24:07 PM) Yes, I watched it yesterday too, and its so good to see them all on variety shows again. Hyoyeon was HILARIOUS, and Sooyoung not even getting to sing karaoke was too funny.
@  yoonashidae2 (08:40:51 AM)

amazing saturday with snsd was v chaotic

@  yoonashidae2 (08:11:56 AM)

@cinderella@yoona :0

@  cinderella@y... (01:43:16 AM) they be back next week
@  C-lowicious (11:53:22 PM) im realizing if they may not be performing because poor maknae is sick that means they won’t have a 4k Fancam like they talked about
@  C-lowicious (11:52:52 PM) Wait what’s an acrylic stand? Lol I didn’t see that I need to stop I barely had money for the album and necklace lol