(A song — and an acronym — that describes what Kwon Yuri is to SONE.)


Sincere. No matter who we are and what paths we walk, we all know this: it is exceedingly difficult to be genuine. And for most of us, that’s without also being under the constant scrutiny of the public eye. Because there will always be parts of ourselves that, while true, aren’t what everyone else expects, wants, or demands. So some will twist themselves to fit the mold; others will hide away the parts they think no one wants to see. But you? You continue to approach every day with a smile that asks for nothing, even as you give us everything you have — and more. Because why would anyone ever do any less?


Tenacious. Of course, you didn’t get to where you are without putting in some elbow grease: shuffling through tired mornings that come too soon, dragging yourself beyond bone-weary evenings that trickle into the next exhausting day. But it isn’t just the will to work hard that’s pulled you above what most can’t even hope to touch; it’s the will to keep holding on after so many others beside you (or higher still) have let go. You’ve withstood so many maelstroms of doubt, howling too loudly inside of yourself even as they batter you from all directions, the ledge under your fingers becoming slick with responsibility and expectation. But what do you do? Roll your shoulders, shift your grip, and pull yourself up just a little higher.


Apparent. A plain word at first sight, perhaps. But in its truest definition, no other fits you more. Because you are obvious, you are striking, and you are here. You shine without a spotlight, whether on stage or on screen, on air or at a fan meeting on the street. Some people call it “charisma”; others might describe it “confidence”. However we describe it, the way you convey it so comfortably, so subtly, is the same. You don’t need to make yourself known for people to know, and this is what makes you stand out even more.


Ready. Always game to jump up and dive in like no one is watching, and definitely never one to back down from a challenge of any sort. It doesn’t matter what the future holds, or what has happened before. You’ll take it in stride and bravely take one more step, leading without losing yourself, just as you’ve been doing long before the entire world knew your name. So here’s to you, Yuri. Another birthday is another year, and you’ll celebrate it as you always have: facing forward.


Sources: YURI – [email protected], kkabyul, Yuri’s Instagram, “High Cut” via GGPM, 다정다감
Written by: moonrise31@soshified

Originally posted on December 5th, 2016.