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Last night, Tiffany Young’s “Lips on Lips” North American showcase tour officially kicked off in Toronto, Canada at the Mod Club. Young Ones from near and far – many coming from neighbouring Canadian provinces and US states – packed the intimate venue buzzing with excitement over what performance Tiffany Young would deliver following the recent release of her “Lips on Lips” EP.

And woman, woman, woman, woman… did she deliver.

Longtime fans got to witness a completely new side of Tiffany as an artist and a woman. She’s comfortable in her skin, unapologetic about her sensuality and exudes both confidence and vulnerability. It’s a huge departure from SNSD Tiffany. She triumphantly stands and performs on that stage showing you THIS IS WHO I AM. And then some.

Tiffany performed for about an hour and her setlist consisted of songs from her new EP, which is a given, and fresh takes on some of her recent and older solo material with surprising and unexpected covers mixed in throughout.

A standout performance is her sassy and sexy mash up of “Dance the Night Away” (aka “I Just Wanna Dance) and Madonna’s “Express Yourself” to encourage the crowd to dance the night away and express themselves.

Tiffany speaking to fans in an intimate setting was as special as her performances. She spent over 30 minutes after her set to answer questions from fans that were submitted via Twitter as well as questions from the eager crowd.

When Tiffany was asked questions about being an artist who represents Asian Americans or giving advice on pursuing art, you could feel that her answers were thoughtful and sincere, addressing each fan with so much heart.

Reflecting back, I have some personal thoughts and observations on how we can be more considerate and supportive as a fandom after attending the first stop of Tiffany’s showcase tour.

It may be a bit tough to get out of this mindset but the more we push SNSD Tiffany onto Tiffany Young, we – as her fans – are doing her a disservice. Instead of asking her to “Sing a SNSD/TTS song”, how about asking “What song or performance inspires you as an artist?”. Instead of inquiring, “How is your relationship with (insert member name)?”, let’s ask “Who did you most recently have a deep heart-to-heart conversation with?”

I know we all love affirmations and reminders of SNSD (I’m right there with you!) but there will come a time when we can celebrate our girls as a group. Right now, each of them are pursuing and forging their own unique paths. My challenge to SONE is to open their hearts to each of the members as their own individual artist.

As fans, we KNOW the Soshi bond is there, even without constant reminders and affirmations from the members themselves. We know in our core that their friendship has never wavered and their bond transcends friendships – they are family. It’s the very foundation of what made us fall in love with SNSD in the first place and keeps us going. They have all promised us that we will be together for a long time, so let’s give love back to them in a way that encourages their individual goals and for their dreams to flourish as we await their eventual reunion as a group.

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Written by: SonexStella@soshified

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